A Complete Guide To Google SEO

Google SEO

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This guide will be beneficial for those who use Google search to manage, promote, and monetize their content online. This guide will also be beneficial for the owners of startups and successful brands, SEO professionals of Web companies, webmaster of numerous websites, and SEO specialists ardent about the dynamics behind the search. This is, therefore, the best guide for those that are willing to get a complete understanding of the fundamentals of SEO based on our proven methodology. You will initially not be getting any automatic secret that will instantly rank your website on Google, but adhering to the proven methods outlined in this guide will enable search engines to crawl and index and recognize your content online.

SEO or Search engine optimization deals with implementing small changes in different areas of your site. These modifications might appear like an improvement when viewed independently, but combining them with other site optimizations can significantly improve the user experience as also the effectiveness of your website in organic searches. It is possible that you are already aware of most of the subjects covered in this document, but not maximizing them to your advantage.

“In today’s business market every company needs to have successful SEO.  It is the lifeline of most businesses.”

The primary objective of developing your website is for the benefits of your users, so any optimization must contribute towards improving their experience. The search engine is among these users that enables other users to find out about your site content. SEO or Search Engine Optimization focuses on recognizing your online content and delivering it to users. Although you might have a small or large website with a more significant content than the one used as an example, the most important thing is that the topics analyzed on optimization in this guide is implemented on all types and sizes of websites. We expect you to discover new insights into optimizing your website from our guide and we would appreciate it if you provide feedback, inquiries, and positive experiences.

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A glossary of the significant terms employed within this guide is given below.


All the web pages which Google is aware of are stored in Google’s index. The entry of the index outlines the content as well as the location (the link of the page). Indexing a page implies that the page is retrieved, read, and included by Google in the index. As of today, several pages have been indexed by Google.


This is the procedure of searching for fresh and up to date webpages. Google employs several methods to search for links such as reading through sitemaps and so on. Google also crawls the webpages in search of fresh pages that will be appropriately indexed.  For example, if your searching for a “corporate rental in Fort Lauderdale you will most likely find corporaterentalfortlauderdale.com


This is an automated software that indexes pages by crawling (or fetching) webpages.


This is the common name given to the crawler from Google that regularly crawls through the web.


Search engine optimization is the procedure of improving your website in order to rank better in search engine results. This is the title of the job of any individual that specializes in this kind of work.

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