Does that fancy tech job profile excite you? Do you also wish to work as a part of Silicon Valley, but have no clue how to go about becoming one?

Let’s see what you can do if you are an aspiring IT professional.

Change your circle: hangout with IT people

Your company, especially of friends, can be pivotal as to what you do in your life. The company you keep is one influencing force that even your parents talk about when you were little. Therefore, you should hang out more with people who share similar interests as yours.

In this case, chill with more people from the IT industry. You will learn a lot about the life they lead, lingos, hacks, and even the reality of what it means to work in an IT company. It could be very different from what you have thought.

This would give you a perspective and reality check at the same time.

Practical knowledge: break some computers to fix

Everything gets intense when it comes to its application. The same happens in the IT industry. Reading a book is entirely different, and applying that same knowledge changes the picture.

Therefore, try to mess up your computer and then Google how to fix it. Google is an essential tool you can use at your disposal to learn both practical and factual knowledge. There are many tutorials on YouTube to help you understand the problem and fix it.

Also, ask all your friends to come to you before they go to the computer repair shop. Get your hands on as many as you can fix.

Master the basics

You must study the basics thoroughly for this. While it is good to relearn things, you can keep up with the fast-paced technology if you have already mastered the basics.

Also, having basic knowledge will be your first step in pursuing a career in tech. Without it, it will be difficult for you to adapt with the complexities of terms and processes in this industry. Companies who have vacant IT jobs in San Francisco and other parts of the US, whether a startup or an established one, tend to select applicants with basic knowledge and skills over those who didn’t know anything about tech.

The must-haves: TCP/IP

There are always a few things in every field that are repeated time and again. They are the ones you should look for and master them whole-heartedly. This makes your move more strategic and helps you immensely as this terminology comes handy during professional conversations and generally at work.

TCP/IP is that one term on which the fundamentals of networking is heavily based, thus it is advisable that you read a lot about it.

“TCP/IP is the networking protocol, language, and the building blocks behind the internet and networking as a whole.”

This definition explains the importance; hence, you must always be reading about it even when you’re inside the IT sector.

Figure out your forte

What is that about IT that incites you? If you love something, it’s bound to derive you even more towards working hard, and preparation will come easy to you. This will give you the comfort of being in a zone that you’re familiar with, and motivation will never go down.

You need to research the verticals involved in the IT industry and then figure out your forte and strength. From there, you can start your research to become better at what you like the most.

Your peers can help you understand as well. While hanging out with them, you have a higher chance to analyze what you do not like because their stated insights and challenges will help you make an opinion. However, you should also check out on a personal level what you want to pursue. This could be a medium of market research.

Take up an internship

Internships are a great way to understand first hand what goes into a particular field while you’re working. That gives you exposure as well as flexibility because then you can do your research and skill enhancement on the side while gaining some experience through working.

The side courses and programs at college

You must take up courses and programs related to tech if you want to enter this field. They instill the basic knowledge and concepts prepped before you even start your hardcore learning. It adds to your CV and overall experience, which is ideal in any scenario.

The fuel: dedication & passion

Nothing breathes life to a dream better than dedication and passion. Any obstacle can be overcome through them, and your interest remains unflinched when your heart is focused on your vision.

These are ways in which you can strategize and plan your IT career. All the best for your future endeavors.