Attic ventilation offers immense benefits around the year. However, it is a very critical part which needs to be checked regularly. If it is maintained properly, it helps in controlling moisture and preventing winter roofing issues.

During the winter, it also helps with unnecessary moisture and humidity inside the home. For a potential problem like mold and mildew, it is a helping guard. Additionally, in summer, it prevents the heat from building up inside the home.


You must keep a thorough check before making any of the roof upgrades. Professional home inspectors provide with a proper checklist to evaluate the stability of attic ventilation.

  • A Proper Balance Must Be Maintained

Intake vents need to have a one-for-one balance while the exhaust vents are located near the fridges. The common mistake people do is having inadequate intake venting. However, you can solve the problem by adding continuous intake vents.

  • Keep the Moisture Problems in Notice

Do you notice any evidence for moisture problems? You can look for the degraded wooden framing and presence of mildew which is an indication of excess humidity. It is a red flag which you shouldn’t let go of. It shows that ventilation isn’t working the way it is supposed to be.

  • Vents Should be Free of Obstructions

Dirt, leaves, and debris can clog the vents over time which eliminates or limits their efficiency. If you notice this problem while having your vents painted or by having any random check on them, you should eradicate this problem as soon as possible.

  • The Vent Should Meet the Code Standards

There are many types of code requirements. You can consult the International Building Code to be specific about calculating the standards. This way, you can achieve a specific rate of airflow, guided by the rules and principles.

  • Have the Insulation Baffles

Baffles can help in preventing the vents from getting blocked off, which end up making the vents inoperable. You can use the baffle system to regulate the flow and direction of your vents.

  • Make Sure All the Vents Use the Same System

There are various ventilation systems like power vents, gable louvers, and many others. These systems must be kept separately and shouldn’t be mixed in a single home. You need to make sure that all of the vents in your home must be using a single system. This way, you can ensure the operational ability of your vents.

  • Consult a Professional Contractor

Getting proper ventilation for your home can be very technical. All you need is to consult some reliable roofers Oakland County Michigan to achieve the optimum results. It is something you won’t ever regret. It is a small investment which you are making today to save thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs in the years yet to come.

If you really want to create quality and efficient roof system, make sure you have your attic ventilation checked properly and regularly. This checklist would definitely help you in enjoying the year-round benefits of attic ventilation.

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