8 Overlooked Fitness Equipment You Don’t Use In The Gym (But You Should)


Admit it – you see a wide range of fitness equipment in the gym but you only use one or two of them. You keep on using that favorite instrument of yours, usually the treadmill, stationary bike, or the dumbbells, and you refuse to try other unfamiliar gym equipment laying around. The thing is, there’s a lot more to fitness equipment than just basics.

You should be open to learning how to use different fitness machines and adding variety to your workout routine. Who knows? That piece of equipment you’ve been ignoring for the past months might be the key to reaching your #fitnessgoals.

If you need to take your fitness routine to the next level, here are 9 commonly overlooked gym equipment pieces worth trying. Disclaimer: you should consult a professional trainer before trying out these fitness equipment.

  1. Rowing machine
    You’ve seen it in countless gyms, sitting in the corner, sad and unappreciated. The truth is the indoor rowing machine (also called the ergometer or erg) is powerful enough to give you a better full-body workout than any other fitness equipment in the gym. This machine works your arms, core, back, hips, and legs. When utilized properly, you can do both a cardio and a strength session with this.
  2. Parallettes
    Parallettes are more than just “pushup grips”, as seen by most gym goers. These traditional “gymnastics tools” can also level up certain bodyweight moves like isometric straight-leg holds, V-sits, dips, tuck planche, and handstand pushups.
  3. Sliding disks
    Did you know that you can just glide your way to a stronger, sexier physique? A pair of sliding disks can be used to add resistance in the form of friction throughout bodyweight exercises, such as push-ups, lunges, lying leg curl, or inchworm exercises.
  4. Abs roller
    The rusty wheel-and-axle thingy that has been stuck in the garage for a decade can be a highly effective way to get shredded six-pack abs. If you can’t borrow your dad’s wheel and axle, you can use a short barbell with round plates on the sides, and then roll out with them instead.
  5. Rings
    Back in the late 19th century, dudes training on rings were not uncommon. Rings may be a simple piece of equipment but they are effective at leveling up the difficulty on simple bodyweight exercises including rows, pushups, pull-ups, and dips.
  6. Suspension traIners (TRX)
    Pushups are already challenging in itself, but imagine if there are ropes and webbing attached to you, allowing you to work more against your body weight. Suspension trainers, like rings, also challenge your leverage, stability, flexibility, and balance when you’re performing your favorite bodyweight exercises.
  7. Sandbags
    Sandbags are a versatile gym gear which can make great substitutes for dumbbells. As the weight of the sand shifts, the unstable load puts new demands on your muscles and forces you to adjust. You’ll be using whole muscle swatches that don’t usually have to work together, translating to new and improved strength. To use, you may hold it across your chest or over your shoulders during workouts like lunges, step-ups, and squats.
  8. Dynamax medicine ball
    It’s not only about the weight of a medicine ball – it’s also about the ability of the ball to absorb impact. Since the Dynamax medicine ball is softer and easier to throw and catch than a denser medicine ball, it’s more effective for developing power and strength. You can use this ball for chest passes, overhead slams, rotational throws, wall tosses, and squats.
  9. Power plate
    A power plate is a machine that uses vibrations to stimulate the body’s muscles to contract and relax, providing a high-speed workout for the body. This vibrating platform is best used to enhance a lot of lower body exercises such as a basic squat, and take pushups to the next level.

According to The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, doing strengthening or stretching workouts on a machine which has a shaking platform helps prevent or repair muscle damage before and after a vigorous workout.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a daytime writer for Fitbiz, a retail shop dedicated to providing a large selection of exercise equipment for fitness enthusiasts in Australia. She shares friendly tips on health, fitness, and self-improvement.