7 Top Tools For A Successful Tutoring Business

tutoring businessTeaching is one of the hardest things to do. As a tutor, you not only have to teach the kids, but you have to assemble the material, create graphs or other visuals to make the topic a bit easier for them to understand, and focus on multiple other tasks. Whether you are teaching at a school or in college or you have a tutoring business, you need assistance, especially during this pandemic. Teaching tools and software are essential as they streamline the work for you and give you more time to prepare the lessons, or make it appealing, simple, and so on.

From supportive tools to time-saving tools, a tutoring business and a tutor can take the help of multiple tools to their advantage. Let’s talk about a few of them.

1. Canva

Whether you are teaching kids online or in a class, sometimes a topic is better explained using visuals. An infographic or a presentation can help break down a difficult topic into a simple one. With a digital whiteboard in most classes, these presentations are perfect for students to understand any topic. Also, during the COVID-19 pandemic, tutors worldwide are using Canva to create presentations to explain chapters to their students.

Canva has tons of templates for creating amazing presentations. Also, you can make use of it to edit images or do other things like design a card or so on.

2. Skype

Taking classes from experts that do not reside in the vicinity of the student is easy now with the help of telecommunication tools. Now, tutors can teach global students and pass on their expertise using tools like Skype online. Skype is a telecommunication app that helps connect people virtually. It has tons of features like high-quality video, scheduling a meeting, recording a session, and so on. Also, it lets a teacher conduct an online class that can include about 50 students.

So, your tutoring business doesn’t need to have any boundaries. If you want to expand your business, make your class available online and let students from all around the world join you.

3.  Gradekeeper

As a teacher, you have to keep a specific and clean record of grades and scores of every student in your class. Even if you are in an online tutoring business, you conduct tests, and you need to record the scores and attendance. Doing this on paper is a tedious and long task. But here is one tool that can make your life a bit easy. 

Gradekeeper is an exemplary tool that stores assignments, grades, and creates a progress list which you can get by mail. It is a neat way of organizing all details and it’s only $20 for individuals.

4. Tutor’s office

If you have a private business for tutoring students, this software is necessary for you. Using Tutor’s office will make your life less complicated as it takes care of tons of things for you. From your daily meetings to lectures, to-do lists, and expenses, it manages everything well. As a tutor, you will find that this tool has all features that will make your classes better and your life easier.

5.  Lesson plan maker

Every tutor plans their lessons to make their lecture better. It tells you what your students have to learn next, how to teach it, and measure the results, and so on. In simple terms, it is a guide for a teacher to make their lesson engaging. It is not easy to plan a lesson, but with this tool, it will be.

The lesson plan maker has tons of templates that will help you organize your thoughts and create a clear lesson plan. You can customize it too, and with this tool, you can also make worksheets and puzzles.

6. Bill books

As a lot of tutoring businesses use the virtual form of teaching, especially during this time, managing your finances can be a bit tricky. Thus, using bill books can help you keep a clean record of your bills and send out online invoices on time.

7. Booksearch

As a tutor, you accumulate tons of information on a subject. Sometimes pure information is inside the pages of amazing books. With book search, you can find out all books, no matter how rare they are. Compare their prices, and you can buy the one which is perfect for you.

These few tools are imperative to make your life as a tutor a bit easy. There are other tools too, but start with them and you won’t regret it.