7 Reasons You Should Use Nail Polish

Use Nail Polish

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/nails-makeup-manicure-girl-female-865121/

Are you concerned about using nail polish? Applying nail polish is an essential self-care routine that provides many benefits. Nobody likes unkempt nails, and you shouldn’t let a bad nail day happen. Think about how you felt the last time you had your nails polished. You received a lot of compliments.

If you are concerned about using normal nail polish, there are various safe products you can choose from. These nail polishes are made from plant-based ingredients that are safe to use. Here are seven reasons you should use nail polish.

1. Beautifies Your Nails

One basic reason to use nail polish is that it beautifies your nails. Your nails are perfectly manicured, and you love the natural look. But, with the application of nail polish, you add more beauty to your nails. 

Better still, you can use your favorite colors or colors that suit your outfit. You can even mix different shades of color to paint your nails. In addition, there are shiny nail polishes you can use to improve the appearance of your nails. 

2. Protects Your Nails

Aside from the aesthetic benefit of using nail polish, it protects your nails from heat and other harmful chemicals. Some nail polishes contain essential oils and minerals that can help protect your nails. 

There are numerous nail polish products in the market that have the dreaded Toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde which have been linked to some health challenges found in women. Always be on the lookout for nail polishes that can protect your nails.

3. Deters You From Biting Your Nails 

If you are fond of biting down your nails, using nail polish can discourage you from biting your nails. When you use nail polish, it becomes difficult to bite your nails because you don’t want to ruin your perfectly polished nails. 

Likewise, if you apply nail gels, you might be discouraged from ruining your nails.

4. Grows Nails to Become Stronger and Longer

Some nail polishes are made of natural ingredients like essential oils, ginger, and food-grade colorants. These nail polishes have mineral elements that make your nails grow stronger and longer. 

Although these products are more expensive compared to normal nail polishes, they are a worthy purchase. Normal nail polishes have a pungent smell that can irritate, but the safe ones don’t have a harsh smell.

5. Boosts Your Confidence

Your physical appearance matters a whole lot. And your nails happen to be a vital aspect of your physical look. Taking care of your nails and using nail polish help improve your confidence.

Your choice of nail polish colors also says a lot about how you feel and relate to the outside world. For instance, you can use your favorite colors for a special occasion. And you may choose to use a deep red or black color because it portrays the bold outlook.

6. Improves Your Emotions

Some psychotherapists encourage their patients to apply nail polish because it positively affects their emotions. From selecting your favorite colors to applying nail polish, your feelings can improve greatly.

Even cleaning, filing, and buffing your nails can enhance how you feel about yourself. Make time to care for yourself because it is an attribute of self-respect. 

7. Prevents Your Nails From Breaking 

Applying polish to your nails provides an additional coating that prevents them from breaking. Each time water touches your nails, they absorb water and expand. 

When the water in your nails dries up, your nails contrast, making them break. But when you apply nail polish, your nails are protected from soaking excess water.

Put in the Effort to Beautify Your Nails

Using nail polish should be top of your to-do beauty list. Nail polish has many benefits that have physical and psychological impacts. Although there are concerns that some nail polishes are harmful to one’s health, there are several healthy products to choose from. 

To boost your appearance, apply nail polish and care for yourself always. Self-love comes first, and your nails speak a lot about you.