Throwing A Party Is Good For Your Health

A casual break is a must to maintain a healthy work spirit. Traveling is an expensive option that may not be feasible for work managers in a start-up place. The other option is to celebrate some light moments over coffee or cocktails.

Party is not for the thrill factor, but also to mix up, exchange views, laugh, open up, and spend some quality time. They also add to their health by increasing happiness, bonding, and association. So, get out of your rigid zone and dress up for a party to boost your cheerfulness and positivity. 

1. It helps boost Immunity:

boost Immunity

Social interactions do play a role in employee wellness. A healthy exchange of views and ideas happens, which fosters productivity and output. The bonding that happens reduces friction between teammates and generates positivity, a healthy sign for making happy hearts and minds. Parties do not end with hugs and smiles; they can very much contribute to increasing your health and Immunity. Try it out. It works!

2. It is an art of handling stress:

art of handling stress

Hosting a party has its moments of stress. An event planner is the best person to tell you the sleepless nights that the D-day puts up. The rock band not showing up on time, the lead singer reporting unwell, and the chef making an average meal are touchy points that add to the stress level.

Acknowledging stress and taking it to be a part of life is the best way to counter stressful situations. It is a defending system that uplifts your body by helping you manage stress one by one. Learn to embrace stress and things will fall in place.      


3. It helps you socialize well to get good memory:

socialize well to get good memory

Research studies show a wonderful correlation between active socializing and good memory. Pursuing activities of art and hobby such as painting and sculpting prevent loss of memory that could cause dementia. Thus, socializing is not for fun, it can prove to be an asset for good health. A study done by the American Academy of Neurology shows that people who take creative pursuits are less prone to developing dementia.

4. It is the secret to good sleep:

secret to good sleep

Being a party host can sap one of energy. Making it to a party invite is easy; managing it is a tasking job. When the party turns out to be a success, then all the late nights and last-minute preparations bring a huge round of satisfaction to the host(s). Good party planning and event management increase the host’s joy, leading to good memories and a night of peaceful sleep.   

5. It is a mood-booster:

When you go to a party, many things happen. You get to laugh, crack a joke, make friends, hug them, eat, dance, make merry. So many delightful moments you earn in a matter of a few hours. Life puts up challenges and deadlines. A party makes you forget them by enhancing your mood to a state of joy and camaraderie. With a whiskey like Dalmore in hand, the mood will surely be high.    

6. It amps up your organizational skills:

You are hosting a party, but how sure are you organizing it to the best of your ability. As a party host, you have to work on the clock’s movements. You also have to keep a back-up plan ready in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Try and delegate things like flower arrangements or selecting a menu rather than managing all the things yourself. Make a checklist, divide responsibilities, and play the role of a supervisor. Learn to organize your time efficiently and have each member of the family shoulder one responsibility. It will help the evening party to run smoothly. Simplification is important to help manage a party effortlessly.            

7. It makes you love the sunshine:

If you are the host for a midday outdoor party, look at the sunshine advantage you have. It is good for the bones, helps build vitamin D reserve in your body, regulates blood pressure, and leaves your skin glowing! So many benefits you get by hosting a party at the noontime.   


There are so many reasons to throw a house-warming party. It could be a new job, starting retirement, clocking a personal milestone, your last day at work, saying thank you to your work team, enjoying big sporting events like a Wimbledon, or celebrating a marriage anniversary, birthday, or the birth of a baby boy.             

If you are still toying with the idea of not throwing a party, think healthily. It will change your views and stimulate you to play the role of a party host.       

Being a party host increases your social ties and makes you lead a positive, happy, and enthusiastic day. Celebrate life, and you will live longer and healthier. Raise a toast to milestones, big or small, and taste a cheerful life. 


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