Proper Bedding Care

Proper bedding care is more involved than most people think. To keep your bed clean and comfortable, you need to do more than just change your sheets. Cleaning every part of your bedding is the best way to get a good night’s sleep.

Protect Your Mattress

When dust mites, dead skin cells, and body oils inevitably end up in your mattress, this debris triggers allergies and can make it difficult for you to sleep. One way to protect yourself from sleeping in dust and debris is to use a mattress cover. Remove the cover and wash it every week in warm or hot water. The clean mattress cover won’t keep dust and oil from getting inside your mattress, but it’ll help.

Rotate Your Mattress

Mattresses are good for 5–10 years, but after that, you’ll need to replace your mattress because of the dust and debris that have accumulated within it. Plus, after enough use, the springs will stop supporting your body the way your posture requires. Many mattresses these days are pillow-top, so flipping them doesn’t work. However, you can rotate your mattress every few months. That way, you wear the springs more evenly and help your mattress last longer.

Use Pillow Covers

Your pillows collect the same debris that your mattress does. You’re putting your face into the pillow every night and breathing in dust, so protect yourself with a pillow cover. These covers zip around your pillow and go beneath your pillowcase. Wash your pillow cover weekly so that you have a clean surface to sleep on.

Get New Pillows

Even with a pillow cover, pillows are only good for about a year. After that, they become allergen traps. So much dust and debris accumulate within them that they can keep you awake at night or make your allergies flare up. Some people try to wash their pillows, but pillows rarely work as well after they’ve been through a laundry cycle. Feather pillows fare especially poorly in the washing machine. Just cover your pillows, and replace them every year.

Wash Linens Weekly

Your sheets accumulate body oil, sweat, and dust more quickly than your mattress does, because you’re sleeping directly on and under them. That’s why you need to change and wash them weekly. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to keep two sets of sheets that fit your bed and swap them every week.

Clean Your Blankets

If you use a regular blanket on your bed, make sure that it goes in the wash once a week along with your linens. If you’re a comforter fan, get a cover for the comforter. Wash that every week, just as you wash your pillow covers and your mattress cover so that you aren’t breathing in any allergens that are trapped in your comforter.

Bad bedding care habits cause sleeplessness and allergies, but many people have lived with them for so long that they don’t realize the harm. Pick a day each week to wash and change all your bedding. Also, keep track of when you buy your mattress and pillows. You’ll breathe and sleep easier.

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