Someone has correctly said that “the first impression is the last impression.” Similarly, you need to make the maximum efforts right at the beginning of a sales procedure. Be it the issuance of a movie ticket, an order for a pizza delivery or the purchase of a new mobile phone, every commerce activity starts with an appropriate planning. For instance, the first stage of an SCM, i.e. order taking is a task that requires the utmost care and attention. Talking about the initiation of lead generation, from analyzing the needs of the customers to using a proper approach for convincing them, the operator has a number of responsibilities to accomplish. Your outbound call centre agents deal with a wide range of customer care services and ensure that every step is performed efficiently. While registering a request, a rep has to keep the following points in mind:

Keeping it simple and precise

Neither do the buyers nor the agents want an unnecessary fuss at the onset of a sale. So it’s better if you quickly introduce the company and its services then directly jump to the bottom line. Without much ado, you should not waste the time and energy of both the parties as it is a lengthy process and you cannot afford to bore the consumer at the kick-off straightaway. The short-run reaps you faster conversions and earns greater customer satisfaction in the future. A warm and prompt welcome also increases your brand credibility. The method should involve taking the orders, repeating it, reading the order back to the consumer and telling them about the specifications and prices.

Entering information into the database

With the aid of a proper CRM integration, you should maintain the directory of each order and keep the records of the buyers. All the files of order registration and acceptance forms should be saved in the system. Also, the transaction slips and invoices need to be managed so that there is no confusion later on. You are required to enter the correct data received from authentic sources otherwise it can create troubles for you in the future. And as far as the complete SCM is considered, nobody wants to mess up in the very beginning.

Data verification services

After you are sure about the quality of your products and you are done with the data entry functions of effective order taking, the next and the most important task is to perform legal formalities. You cannot take the risk of providing unauthentic services to your purchasers. So, in order to maintain stress-free completion of the process, you can hire external agents to execute the data verification services for you, known as third-party validation support. This step is imperative to maintain security and gaining the trust of the customers in your services.

Proper in-between communication

Do not forget to keep in touch with the buyers at regular intervals of time. At every stage of the supply chain management, you can call the customer and ask for any assistance. You can even inform them about the shipment and dispatch of the item during the logistics. Moreover, in the meanwhile, you can tell the customers about your other offers and extension of services. This results in the strengthening of your bond with them and ends up in retention for lifelong.

Taking feedback after delivery

This one is kind of a duty of the order taking staff to notice the satisfaction level of their customers. Proper feedback forms should be launched on the website or in physical form to get the review of services. Now you can take the previous records of such feedback forms and match them with the current ones. This is very useful in estimating your future possibilities of improvement through the suggestions for modifications in the forms. It elucidates your performance and thus acts as a key performance indicator of your business growth.