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5 Ways to Grow Hairs

When it comes to women, everyone has their taste regarding hair where some like it short while others love their hair long. Also, there are so many products on the market that are designed to help your hair grow fast. Some products are effective while others don’t give much effect. Keep in mind some products may affect your hair texture and therefore it is important that you be cautious when buying these products as some may damage your hair. One way to ensure that you purchase the right hair growth products is by researching on various sites and sources like Andrea’s article on the best hair growth pills on the market.


Here are five other methods that you can employ to aid your hair to grow.

1. Mask your hair weekly

Just like your face, your hair also requires treatment to help remove all the dirt and oils that may be stuck on the scalp or hair. Some hair masks are designed such that they can assist in strengthening and repairing damaged hairs. So, apply the mask in the same for you follow when masking your face, leave it for about 15 minutes then rinse with organic hair conditioner. This makes your hair to grow fast and become healthy as well.

2. Avoid too much heat

Heat from dryers and other styling devices are great enemies to your hair growth. This is because the extreme heat or regular use of heat causes the hair follicles to weaken hence resulting in hair breakage. To avoid this, consider using other natural and free heat methods like using hair products that will help you style your hair. Sometimes it is good to give your hair some break and instead of rocking those curls consider using more natural methods like styling your hair to a bun.

3. Eat a healthy diet

The food that you eat affects the entire body including your hair. So just like your body requires vitamins and other nutrients like the proteins, your hair also needs these essential nutrients for healthy growth. You may also notice that most of the hair products and shampoos are made with some of these nutrients. So to get better results and help your hair to grow, eat foods that have all these nutrients.

4. Massage your hair

How often do you comb your hair especially if you are indoors? If you go for days without brushing your hair, then that may be the reason as to why it is not growing. Therefore make it a hair beauty routine to brush your hair on a daily basis. Using a brush, comb your hair from the roots as it helps spread the natural oils evenly to the entire hair strand and it also helps detangle it hence creating a breathing space for the scalp. Buy a quality hair brush for this service.

5. Trim your hair

Cutting your hair works magic in helping it grow even longer. You don’t have to cut half of your hair as all you require is to trim the ends. Cutting the hair edges creates more room for the hair to grow longer. You can cut it after a month or six weeks, and you will love the results.