Planning a Business Conference? Simplify Process with These 5 Tools

Business conferences and industry events have changed drastically over the years because technology has advanced at such a rapid pace. In fact, thanks to event apps that provide online viewers with a live stream, people don’t even need to attend events in person to benefit from the material covered by keynote speakers and during break-out classes. Because of this event organizers need to step up their game a bit. Use these tools for planning a business conference and an energized and informative event that will have attendees lining up for advanced registration.

Planning a Business Conference

List of tools for Planning a Business Conference

Here are the list of applications and tools which can simplify everything for you while Planning a Business Conference.

Event Apps

Don’t even think about planning a business conference or industry event without using a live engagement platform. Event apps, such as DoubleDutch, provide a single online interface that lets event attendees interact, share, learn, and connect. In addition to benefiting event attendees, live engagement platforms streamline the entire planning process. Use an event app to set event objectives and goals, generate leads, register attendees, and create your event schedule. Live engagement software lets you do everything from managing presentations and scheduling guest speakers to creating surveys for event attendees and holding live, online Q&A sessions.

Organizational Apps

Organizational apps, such as Evernote or Asana, let you keep all of your event details, ideas, and inspiration in one place. Use an organizational app to store running lists, items that inspire you, and various ideas for your event while it’s still in the ideation stage. Then, as you begin to make concrete plans, slowly move your information from your organizational app to your live engagement platform.

Scheduling App

Part of planning a business conference or industry event is finding subject matter experts to teach breakout sessions and booking industry leaders to deliver keynote speeches. Doing this often requires you to send a lot of emails and follow-up emails pitching your event to the potential presenter. Make the process a lot easier by using a scheduling app that lets your email recipient book a block of your time for a quick call. At the end of your inquiry email, encourage the recipient to schedule a quick call with you by clicking the link to your scheduling app. Then, all you need to do is call your potential presenter on the date and time they’ve selected.

Useful Apps for Attendees

Encourage your event attendees to use productivity apps and other useful apps throughout the conference by adding a list of resources to the attendee section of your live engagement platform. A few application types to suggest include:

  • Evernote, OneNote, or Zoho for taking notes during lectures and breakout sessions
  • CamCard, FoxCard, WorldCard Mobile, or ScanBizCards for scanning, storing, and organizing business cards
  • Social networking groups or chats for socializing with other event attendees
  • Google Maps to make navigating the local area simple
  • Reminder apps, such as or Just Reminder, to ensure no sessions or lectures are missed

Also, you should encourage your event attendees to “Go Live” on their favorite social media platform throughout your event. While it won’t help you out right away, it’s a great way to build interest in your event for the following year.

Live Streaming Software

While most live engagement platforms provide you with an activity feed to help keep your attendees engaged between sessions, but it’s not the same as being able to watch a live stream at home. Increase your online attendance and engagement with live streaming software. Require online guests to pay a discounted registration fee to watch speeches, lectures, and sessions for your event live.

It takes excellent multitasking and organizational skills to manage all of the little details that go into planning a large event. Make your job easier and boost attendee engagement with the help of live engagement platforms and business and networking apps.