Whether you have a small pool in the background, or you are the scout that is looking to make things safe in the community pool, these 5 tips will help you to keep the pool safe. Everyone wants to have a safe time in the pool and we have compiled some safety tips for the scouts to keep the pool clean and safe this summer. Unattended pools can cause different accidents and by following these simple steps, you can avoid the accidents that happen in the pool.

Supervise the Pool Area

The best way to keep all the swimmers safe in the pool is to be a keen observer. Keeping an undistracted eye on the swimmers is the key to make sure everyone is safe out there. Pool goers of all ages can get into trouble at any time and it is advised that the pool activity should be monitored all the time. The pool toys and floats can attract kids towards the pool after hours. So, you need to make sure that you remove all the floats from the pool and store them in a secure place.

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Secure the Perimeter

You need to make sure that the place around the pool is secure and up to the state requirements. Some states require 2 feet of boundary wall around the pool, but most states have the standard of at least 5 feet. The fence is the first line of defense against the bystanders and can also keep small children away from the pool. You can take help from the pool repair service in Houston TX when you are planning to install a new fence around the pool. They can guide in selecting the right material according to your needs and requirements.

Always be prepared

When a swimmer is in trouble, time is of the essence. You need to make sure that the pool area is secure and those who need to watch the swimmers are prepared. Make sure that all the safety equipment is in close range. The safety equipment that you need is first aid kit, the floatation devices, and the pool hook. You also need to make sure that you post the emergency numbers within the pool area. You also need to make sure that pool safety team is accustomed to the CPR technique.

Learn To Swim:

It goes without saying that you need to learn swimming to save other people from drowning. According to the USA swimming foundation, the risk of drowning decreases by 88% when someone takes swimming lessons. There are different swimming programs available on the internet. The price of these swimming lessons is low, and you can easily take these lesions without costing a fortune. This small investment will help to keep you safe in the pool.

Regular Cleaning:

You need to make sure that you procure the services of cleaning companies to keep the pool fresh during the summer. With a simple search of best pool cleaning service near me in Houston TX will help you to find the company that can help you clean the water. Dirty water can cause different health problems and to avoid them, keep the pool clean.

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