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5 Tips for A Successful First Date

Going on a first date is a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you really like the person. You may be worried that you’ll say the wrong thing, or that you may not even like each other! It can be challenging to find a balance between not looking like you’re desperate but also showing that you’re interested.

The good news is that a first date doesn’t have to be your worst nightmare if you know the right tips. It’s not rocket science, after all! With a little preparation and confidence, you should have a great first date that may even end in a relationship!

Here are some of the best tips for a first date to help ease your nerves

Give Yourself Plenty of Preparation Time

Don’t even think about running out the door from work to go straight to your date. It’s important to take the time to gather your thoughts and put effort into your appearance. Shave your face, put on some makeup, and do whatever it takes to show that you’ve put some effort into your self-presentation.

Not only will it make a lousy first impression if you show up half-dressed, but you won’t feel entirely confident. Don’t rush yourself before going on a first date. Make sure that you have plenty of time to gather yourself to put your best foot forward.

Choose An Activity Date

Although dates in the movies are almost always over a romantic dinner, it’s probably a bad idea for the first date. Sitting at a formal dinner together can get awkward and feel forced, especially if you don’t end up liking each other. If you don’t hit it off, you are forced to sit through the rest of the dinner with someone you couldn’t care less about. Instead, opt for a date that involves interaction, like bowling, or an art class.

Not only is it a fun way to pass the time, but it’s also a way to take off some of the pressure from first date small talk. Make sure that it doesn’t last forever so that if you do want to cut the date short, it isn’t a problem.

Choose An Inexpensive Place

Whether you’re going dutch or one of you is planning on paying, it’s never in good taste to assume anything. Instead of going to a fancy place and worrying about who’s going to fork over the cash at the end of the date, opt for an inexpensive place that anyone feels comfortable paying for. 

Keep it simple, and focus on having fun. Putting too much pressure on yourself or your date will only backfire in the end.