saree blouse stitching for wedding

Wearing a saree at a wedding party looks very elegant, but wearing a saree that perfectly fits your body and suits your look is very important to consider. And if you are going to get a blouse stitched for you for the first time, then here in this article, we will be telling you 5 things to consider while getting a saree blouse stitched for a wedding party. Have a look!

Tips to Get a Saree Blouse Stitched Perfectly!

Getting a saree blouse stitched perfectly is very important to look the best in a saree. If the blouse is ill-fitted or the colour contrast is not good or the blouse design is not appropriate, then it can ruin the overall saree look for the wedding party. Given below are 5 things to consider before getting a saree blouse stitched perfectly:

1. Colour Contrast or Colour Match

Colours and patterns play an important role in the overall look for a blouse. Make sure to check on trends before getting a blouse stitched. If contrasts are in trend then go for a contrasting colour to your saree and if overall matching is in trend then you can go for that as well.

2. Blouse Design and Length

Pre-decide the design of your blouse and its length as well. If you have a bulgy body and you do not feel comfortable to show your tummy area then you can go for a jacket blouse or full-length blouse. And if you want to look glamorous at the wedding party then go for a sexy blouse neck design and keep the length of your choice.

3. Blouse Back Design

A unique blouse back design also plays an important role in making your saree look beautiful. And nowadays there are various blouse back designs to select from. So, chose one beautiful design and slay the saree look.

4. Sleeve Length

One needs to decide how they want their overall look before getting a blouse stitched. If you want to look hot and sexy and want to slay the toned arms, then you can go for cut sleeves. But if you have some arm fat and want it to look toned and slim then going for full sleeves or quarter sleeves is the best option.

5. Sizing

Ill-fitted saree blouse ruins the overall look, no matter how beautiful your saree is. So, make sure to get the sizing correct of your blouse to look your best.

So, these were the 5 things to consider while getting a saree blouse stitched for a wedding party