New RoofAfter a specific period you need to replace your roof but many house owners repair the roof when only see shingles being missed from its place. Your roof would be giving you many other signs that you are ignoring. Here are the five signs which would give you an immediate call for making an arrangement for your house roof.


Water stains are an obvious sign that something is going wrong on the roof. It could be a damaged part that you are not aware of. Your roof might have hidden holes that are taking the water to all the parts of the roof making it damaged in a hidden way. If you are not aware why your roof is leaking then you have to make a quick inspection of your roof.  Water penetration could be fixed by finding the source. If the problem has become uncontrollable then you must have to replace the wall with the new one for your own safety.


Mold on the walls is also a sign that your roof is leaking. If your insulation is not dry and there is no ventilation in the home, you need to work on it by hiring a professional. Check whether the fixtures and the plumbing lines of your bathroom are leaking or not and spend some money on replacing the roof. You would see the adverse effects of mildew on the quality of the overall structure of your home. Addressing the issue quickly would help you to stay worried free in the long run.

Granule Loss:

Gutters filled with granules could be a common thing for you but it is the actual sign of something that would take you to make a big decision about your roof. Changing weather and old shingles can result in this condition. However, if losing the excessive quantity of granules is not usual then you must need to take action of replacing your roof. A large number of granules in the gutter are a clear sign that you should replace your roof. Do not spend more time thinking and make the arrangement of replacing your existing roof with new and strong roofing material.

Structural Problem:

The sagging roofline does not depend on the age of your building. Snow in winter can create a burden leading to damage to your roof that you do not know. Your roof might have served you for more than 15 years and now it is the time to work on the cracks that you can see on the walls. Replacing a roof is much better than changing a few shingles in a roof of this age. Let a professional roof inspector detect whether your walls also need to be replaced with the roof as the damage could exceed your walls too.

Hail Strom:

People living in the area with high humidity are not aware that hail and rain are damaging their house to a great extent. These are the natural forces that destruct the structure of the house gradually. You might be enjoying the weather while your roof would be damaging. There are many old roofs that create a loss to the family members. It is very important to replace the roof once it has fulfilled its years of service.

The use of the right material is also very necessary for constructing a new roof. You might are looking for beauty and ignoring the strength of the material. It is also necessary to see what kind of material suits the weather in your region. Spending a good amount of money for a longer service of a roof would give you the security of living in your own house.

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