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5 Reasons to Use Storage Services

Although many homeowners rent storage units to store winter clothes, holiday decorations, or even recreational vehicles, that isn’t their only purpose. Storage spaces also prove to be practical for residential moves. Several moving companies provide clients with moving as well as storage services. This is mainly to ease the planning process for these transitions.  Here are a few of the most common reasons why storage units are an excellent option of homeowners while relocating:

1. Downsizing

Downsizing is an excellent option for people who are retired, who want a smaller house, or just want to simplify their life. Several homeowners who choose to downsize, often sell their valuable items to help finance the move, rather than sell them. However, in case the day to move arrives before you’ve sold off the possessions, you can always rent out a storage unit to keep all for-sale items safe. This is also an excellent way to ensure that you don’t cram your smaller house.

2. Moving To a Temporary House

Planning a move isn’t an easy task and involves a complicated process. This is especially true when aspects like children’s schedules, military deployment, or a new job come into play. In such situations, many people often end up staying at hotels or even relocate from one short-term rental to another.

When things like these are involved, it can be a good idea to rent a storage unit and keep all your non-essentials before you purchase a new house.

3. Storage Space for Vehicles

Sometimes, homeowners also choose to drive the moving vehicles themselves. In such cases, it isn’t always possible for them to tow or even have someone drive their family vehicle. In households that have multiple cars, RVs, or boats, the cars have to be left behind at first while transitioning.

However, vehicle storage units are an excellent option to keep your motorcycles, pickup, commuter car, or off-road vehicles safe until you settle and move all possessions into your new house.

4. Set Aside Pieces of Furniture That Don’t Fit

The house that you relocate to may not necessarily be a permanent one. It is quite possible that if you’re a student, renter, or first-time buyer, your new house would not be able to accommodate all your belongings. In such cases, the best option is to rent a storage unit for these items. It is the perfect way to avoid overcrowding in the new house. For example, students can always store bed frames, dining sets, and couches while they’re staying in furnished dorm rooms.

5. Shipping Your Belongings in Advance

During moves, homeowners generally leave before their belongings. However, in some cases, it’s the exact opposite.  For example, you may want to drive along a scenic route with your family to your new home and ship all your belongings ahead.

You must store all your valuables in a secure storage unit when it isn’t possible for you to bring them to your new house. To accommodate this type of move, certain moving companies also provide clients with portable storage units. When you transfer your belongings from your home into a storage unit, it allows you to clean up and figure out what you don’t require.

If you feel that a storage unit will significantly simplify your move, consider discussing all options with your moving company to determine what suits your requirements the best.