Places Never to Meet a Client

As an independent coworker, deciding a place for business meetings can be quite a challenge. Most clients prefer breaking free from the colorless board rooms and venturing out. Some end up good, while some end up being the strangest of venues. As much as these odd meeting places get awkward for you, we couldn’t help but bring these situations into the spotlight and find the humor in it.

Let us have a look at the most unusual place to have a business meeting:

1. Fitness Clubs and Gymnasiums

Working out while discussing business sure sounds like a time savior, but having to chat on some serious business, right after a five-mile gallop on the treadmill, doesn’t sound like a good idea. No matter how good you are with your communication, resembling a beetroot in a wig after hard exercise is more likely to result in a burst of laughter than serving the purpose of work. The gym sweat, body odor, and the building up rave music in the background add to the awkwardness.

2. Barista and Other Coffee Joints

Barista has really become the king of the economical public meeting space with a sequence of similarly equipped coffee houses cropping up on every block. But meeting your clients over tiny tainted tables, surrounded by students and novelists, is not a good idea. You want to have a serious conversation and make strong points without worrying about getting disturbed by those sitting around you. Barista is functional and cheap, but it is not an environment to help you make a strong impression that inspires trust, confidence, and devotion.

3. Gobbling Down

Some may not be willing to look for a pub as a safe place to have a meeting, while the daring lot will not shy away from it. There are quite a lot of things that can go wrong with a few pegs involved which can give rise to awkward situations. But then again, if you are able to deal with it until all get into the happy buzz mood then there is nothing to worry about. Being loud and obnoxious is never very impressive and spilling the beans after a couple of drinks is something you can’t afford to risk. So drinking over a meeting is a big NO.

4. Driving Around

If your business is bags filled with drugs, guns or illegally picked kidneys, then go right ahead. If not, then no way this is a good choice. Imagine you concentrating on what your client is saying while you’re negotiating the traffic? This can get really awkward for your client and if nothing else, he is more likely to lose interest from what you say and judge you on your driving abilities.

5. Public Libraries

Not attractive but definitely quiet. According to some coworkers, libraries offer a place to meet all day and no one will make you buy anything. You are telling your clients that the best you can do is meeting up in an ill-equipped room i.e the public library. There is little opportunity for you to make a huge impression and most likely, the technology, such as video-conferencing and presentation platforms, will not be reliable.

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