Interior Design

After the Christmas festivities, business resumes as usual in January. This is a wonderful moment to give your office a new look. Your old office interior design might have inhibited creativity in various ways than you could imagine. It is a great idea to give your employees an ideal work environment that will allow them to reach their optimum potential. With full-time staff likely to spend about eight hours, a pleasant and nurturing office is essential to prevent burning out. 

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You should consider incorporating new design trends in your office this coming New Year. Apart from keeping employees happy and energized, new interior design will encourage productivity. Achieving this requires partnering with a reputable Dubai interior design company. Before taking the plunge, here are office interior design inspirations to consider. 

Flexible space

A flexible workplace is not restrictive. This allows moving furniture, easy access to meeting areas, and adjusting desks. Making your office flexible allows employees to work in various areas instead of getting stuck in a cubicle or their desk all day long. Employees sometimes need to spend some time in a quiet place to focus on particular tasks. A flexible office allows moving to a soundproofed meeting room or a quiet corner to ponder on the task ahead. Allowing employees to move around the office is essential for good health and motivates working more efficiently. 

Collaborative furniture

Including collaborative furniture will make your office stylish and trendy. This furniture is very eye-catching while encouraging collaboration between your employees. The furniture offers a meeting point to discuss team projects. Collaboration is very important in business and having comfortable furniture that encourages collaboration is a worthy investment for your business. 

There are various options for collaborative furniture when looking forward to top interior design in Dubai. Freestanding media units allow employees to meet quickly and to project work onto a screen. Other options include acoustic pods for holding uninterrupted meetings and large meeting desks with power outlets. Additionally, fixtures including data sockets, task light, and height-adjustable desks enhance collaboration. 

Integration of technology

Technology plays a primary role in a modern office. Appropriate equipment will keep your office on par with technological advancement in your industry. Additionally, this modern equipment will make your staff work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. The most significant benefit of relying on technology in business is lowering overhead costs. Appropriate equipment does work for many employees. 

Allowing employees to use laptops instead of desktops gives them the freedom to work from anywhere. Work today is becoming more portable and it’s high time you adjusted the way your employees work accordingly. Features to enhance the use of business tech include:

  • Data ports
  • Smartboards
  • Screens for presentations
  • Wireless charging stations
  • Video conferencing technology
  • Available of power outlets throughout the office

Biophilic design

With the green revolution taking over interior design trends, opt for a biophilic design for your office. This focuses predominantly on natural items. Everyone including your staff and customers will appreciate a nature-inspired interior design. Introducing the outside into your office interior creates a stress-free and calming environment.

One way to incorporate biophilic design in your office is by encouraging more natural light into your office interior. Additionally, introduce plants around your office to give employees access to more fresh air. For a relaxed ambiance opt for features such as organic colors, materials, and patterns. All these work significantly together to lower stress in your office while enhancing energy and focus. 

Comfortable work area

With full-time employees spending about eight hours on their desks or in their cubicles, comfort is very important. Forcing your staff to use uncomfortable desks and chairs will have a significant negative impact on performance and health. This can explain the regular backache and neck pain or the inability to hit targets.  

Consider giving your employees a comfortable working area in 2020. This should have ultimate comfort to foster creativity and enhance employee job satisfaction. Consider hiring a professional interior designer to incorporate comfortable seating in the work area. This might include a lounge chair to allow working on the laptop. Additionally, include a recreational area where employees go take a break from work. Include games like pin pong and video games with some refreshments. 

Combine old and new features

When considering giving your office a new look in 2020, blend old and new features. This will give your office a unique but functional look and feel. It requires adjusting your office interior design by adding some enchanting elements. Tweaking the old design by adding or removing some elements will create a balance between the old and new. 

Wrapping up 

The layout of your office has a significant impact on staff health and productivity. It also determines the number of customers flocking your office. Consider giving your office a new look in 2020 with assistance from a professional interior designer. This will come with a significant return on investment in various ways.