5 Must Have Accessories for Your DSLR Camera

If you have a DSLR camera but do not have the right accessories, you are definitely limiting your photography experiences. There are several accessories you can add-on in order to enhance the life of your Digital SLR camera as well as enjoy unperturbed clicking moments. Some essential accessories such as camera lens, hood, cleaning kit, tripod, camera bag, filter holder, filter, etc are must-have accessories for you. Though there are some useless accessories as well, that is why we make sure that none of the abject accessories should be listed here.

DSLR camera

1. Camera bags and backpacks

It is very necessary to hold your camera and its add-on accessories along with you and keep them safe. A good bag is always very handy and useful in many ways. There are many sizes, styles, uses, and varieties available for different carrying purposes and protecting your camera equipment. A backpack has a different design than a small sling-style bag which is made for limited equipment.

2.  Tripod for your DSLR

A tripod is an essential addition to your accessories list which really accord flexibility as well as sustainability to your photography profession. It also needs to understand that tripod may add a little extra amount of investment but it worth a lot, especially if you have recently purchased a DSLR camera and lens or lenses. It is also significant not to be enticed by the cheap tripod as we often try to do this. Even if it is expensive it will pay you back as an expensive tripod is long-lasting, durable, lighter, stronger, and feature-rich. The bottom line is that you show to focus more on durable stuff rather than form only.

3. Lenses

This is one of the qualities of the DSLR camera that you can switch on to different lenses as per the requisition. Hence it is an important tool in your armory. There is the various lens you can add-on to enhance and specialized your photography experience at different levels. Without a lens, you cannot perform a variety of work at will. By just adding different lenses you will be strongly equipped for a different type of photography. You can have different lenses such as:

  • Zoom or super-zoom
  • Standard zoom
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Fisheye
  • Close-up or Macro
  • Prime
  • Medium telephoto/Portrait lens
  • Specialist lens

4. Lens cleaning kit

Dust particle may not be a sizable issue but it can single-handedly mars the quality of your camera and lens. That is why it is always recommendable to have a cleaning kit always be with you. A cleaning kit contains all that you need to keep your camera safe, clean pots, and smudges and removes dirt and dust from the sensitive areas of your camera. While using your cleaning kit make sure you do not use them on your censor area. It is a sophisticated area, so it is better to stay away from that area until you know what you are up to.

5. Filter holder or belt clip pouch

It is another very useful accessory for you. It helps you to keep your filters on your belts and let them switch in and out instantly and in a very convenient way rather than digging through your bag every now and then. It also provides your filters a safe shelter and keeps them harm-free.