Movies about family, love between men and women always bring emotions and take away the viewers’ tears. Webtoon Manhwa has unique topics boys love, girls love, mature webtoon, action, drama, romance, … In order for you to understand the top 5 best romance manhwa webtoon, Free Webtoon Online website would like to introduce 5 webtoon manhwa series that will be adapted into movie theaters in 2020, be sure to read theĀ  This love comic series when you do not have to spend money with Free Webtoon Coins, you will understand more about these Korean films, they are extremely moving that will make you cry.

Best Romance Manhwa

 1 – What Parents Do Not Tell

The film tells the story of the old couple Nam Bong and Lee Mae Ja, two people who have lived with their children for 45 years.  Nam Bong is old but because he is the breadwinner of the family, he still drives a taxi every day to earn money.  And his gentleman is unemployed eat not to sit at home.

Life seemed to be turned upside down when both of them discovered they had dementia.  Situations that are both humorous and tragic in turn occur, creating a love story that many people ponder.  The last moments of life are the clearest evidence that love becomes more beautiful, more meaningful, and darkens an unforgettable memory.

This touching Korean drama definitely makes you shed tears at the light love story, giving you more faith in the power of love and family affection.

 2 – No Mother’s Day

This family-themed movie revolves around the story of Ae Soon and her disabled son In Gyu.  In fact, In Gyu is 30 years old but still follows his mother everywhere like a small child every day.  Whenever his mother was tired, he would dance and sing to her to dispel tiredness and stress.  Family life becomes so simple and carefree.

But the story begins to change when Ae Soon discovers she has a terminal brain tumor and does not live long.  So she decided to teach her son how to live independently before leaving.  But the eldest daughter Moon Kyung suddenly came home and wanted Ae Soon to “share” the savings that she left for her little son.  That makes the story more complicated.

Mother’s Day is a touching, gentle, but touching Korean film that can touch the hearts of anyone, making the audience feel sacred, precious motherhood!  Images of warm smiles of the mother and her son “bewildered” filled with happiness, carefree peace will take many tears from the audience.

 3 – The Miracle in the Prison Room No. 7

The film is about Yong Goo as a father with a disability, life filled with happiness when the god bestowed on his beautiful, smart daughter Ye Seung.  Although life is poor, Yong Goo still works everywhere to earn enough money to buy the Sailor Moon book that his beloved daughter dreams of.

But because of the school bag, he was kidnapped, raped, and killed a girl while on the way to follow her.  Unfortunately, she was the son of the Chief of the Police Department, which resulted in Yong Goo being sentenced to death.  In prison, he was despised, beaten by people living in the same prison but his father did not complain anymore because at the moment only his daughter Ye Seung was waiting for him at home.

Living in prison for a while, the prisoners gradually realized that he was a funny, honest person, and they began to doubt his crimes, they gave him special affection when surreptitiously bringing Ye  Seung went to jail.  The number 7 cell since having a young daughter became more united than ever, creating humorous and painful stories.  The little girl Ye Seung is the gift, which is a miracle for the No. 7 cell.

The No. 7 cell is a classic Korean movie that has captured the ears of millions of viewers, conquering viewers with its simplicity and deep humanity.  Thereby seeing the family affection, friendship, and plight how precious!  People who were once in a wrong, the head of the prison camp always contain unbelievable pain and hatred!  All wrapped up in this movie!

 4 – And I Will Come

The film is adapted from the famous Japanese novel Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu

by Takuji Ichikawa.  Telling the story of Woo Jin’s father taking care of his son Ji Ho, who was struggling alone after his wife, Soo Ah, died.  But before Soo Ah promised to go away, she promised her husband that she would return on a rainy day one year later.

And then as promised, by some miracle she actually appeared in front of her husband and her son but she returned with that rain did not have any memories of the father and son.  They must face up to the turmoil in time itself.  Woo Jin has gradually helped her revive each forgotten memory through pieces of love, from the moment of unrequited love to dating, exchanging first kiss … .. happy moments of times  Once again, she and Woo Jin started falling in love again.

What happens when they live together?  Does she leave again?  How did she come back?  And Woo Jin, how will Ji Ho live without her?

 5 – Promise To Father

The story begins on a cold snowy day, a war breaks out, the evacuees crowd the boarding boat.  Duk Soo was told by his father not to leave Mak Soon’s sister’s hand, so the boy always told his sister to hold his hand tightly.  In the midst of the chaos, Duk Soo climbed onto the train when he discovered that he was only holding the torn sleeve of his little sister.

Before climbing down to find a daughter, Duk Soo’s father told his eldest son: “Now you are the breadwinner, be a support for your mother and children.”  Then the ship sailed, leaving only the last appointment between Duk Soo and his father: It was to meet again at Knot Bun department store in Busan.  The sentence was engraved on the boy’s heart until later.

Will the reunion that Duk Soo wishes for his whole life will happen?  Still, seeing his father again?  What will happen after that chaotic run?

The promise to my father is a touching Korean film, bringing a very humanistic message about the past and present connection: Looking at the painful losses of war to cherish a peaceful life.