4 Popular Trends For iOS App Development

Trends For iOS App Development

Let’s go back to the beginning of the year 2016. On 6 January 2016, an Apple Press Release informed that the company generates more than $1.1 billion of revenue from apps and in-app purchases during the period of Christmas and New Year in 2015. The same PR also mentioned that Apple has raked $40 billion for developers since 2008 and more than one-third of this amount came in the previous year and so on.

These stats explain that App Store continues to be big revenue generator for both Apple and iOS application developers on board. No wonder we will see similar trends for the ongoing year. Of course, iOS app developers are eager to have an early forecast for the upcoming year. Here is what we can expect.

An increasing concentration on IoT focused iOS app development

Cisco’s claim that we would have 50 billion internet-connected devices by 2020 has doubtlessly put IoT in the core. In 2015, we saw nearly 80 major IoT related acquisitions over the world and similar has been witnessed in this ongoing year too. We can expect that the IoT will gradually be shifted to the core of the entire technology revolution and would be largely based on mobility and apps. IoT will certainly bring in better incentives for iOS app developers who aim at mobile-focused iOS implementations. Apple Watch 2 has already shown the best of the uses of mobility and IoT technologies for a variety of routine tasks.

More innovations based on GPS and Augmented Reality based apps

Now the power of GPS and Augmented reality technologies aren’t hidden from us after the unbelievable success of Pokémon Go. The same duo to get more boost in an upcoming year, particularly in iOS app development. Location tracking and augmented reality can deliver more novel experience to users. GPS and Augmented reality-based apps can be built for a variety of requirements, from entertainment to industrial operations.

Security will be the prerequisite of iOS app development.

Apple and other major giants over the world have been serious about security in apps. With the increasing rate of security threats, companies have been pushing features like 2-factor user authentication even for the routine apps. This year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 talked about App Transport Security (ATS) becoming mandatory for iOS apps.

It clears that Apple has full focus on making its app development platform secure.

iOS apps for Enterprises – The Way Forward

It’s being predicted that more than half of US companies will have more than 10 dedicated apps in the workplace by 2017. It’s all about enterprise apps and, it indicates quite clearly that huge enterprise app development projects may be for iOS app developers in 2017. Two key 2017 trends in iOS enterprise app development include real-time customer engagement and interaction, and dynamic management of tasks and data.