Faith in God is the strongest support that helps us to overcome our tough times. It is the ray of hope that shows us light when we are internally shattered. Without faith in Him it is impossible to get His gracious blessings. You must believe that He exists inside us and he rewards those who earnestly seek them. (Information credit:

However, sometimes we tend to deviate from the path of light because of our lack of focus. Here are some powerful objects that will help you to have faith in God and inspire you to follow the path of virtue instead of vice. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to keep your faith in the God.

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  1. Daily use of Bible:

Bible is the most significant object of Christian religion. This book does not only have religious importance but it is also an incredible book of history. This holy book is considered as the Word of God. You can use this book as your guide to live a pious life. In fact, the first step to come closer to God is to learn about His will.  Holy Bible is the best way to learn more about God’s will. Reading Holy Bible on regular basis helps you to understand the meaning of life. You should read out Bible to your family members and kids and inspire them to read them regularly. By reading the Psalms and the other verses the Holy Spirit will shower blessings and peace to your life.

  1. Statue of Holy Virgin:

You can keep beautiful statue or picture of the Blessed Mother in different places in your home to invoke the blessing of the Holy Spirit. It also helps in keeping a positive environment in your resident protecting your family members from evils. If you have kids then you can hang a beautiful picture in the wall of their room. This will have a good and positive impact of this holy picture on their mind, especially on the teenagers and the growing kids. It is a good way to surround them in the light of God.

  1. Crucifix or Cross:

Crucifix or cross is an important part of a traditional Catholic home. A silver cross or crucifix can be placed in the wall to fill your resident with the light and blessings of God. It also helps in protecting your dear ones from evil energy. It creates warm presence of God around you. Another important reason of hanging cross in your resident or office is that it reminds people of the supreme sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for us. It also helps in strengthening your faith in God and helps you to keep your focus on the spiritual path of light.

  1. Altar:

Having an altar in your home is considered as the most beneficial for you and your dear ones. An alter inspires you to pray regularly and this leads you to a path of spiritual enlightenment.

Keep faith in the Lord and you will see miracles happening!