4 Reasons Why Senior Citizen Homes Are Safer For Home-Alone Elders

Senior citizen homes in India have progressed over the years and now are doing a great work in providing all the necessary amenities to the elders. Hence, joining an old age home is a safer choice for the elderly who find it difficult to manage their day to day life totally on their own.

Over the last few decades, with the growing possibility and better travel options, people are exceedingly inclined towards moving abroad. Nevertheless, the course of settling overseas or to different cities that offer better opportunities often lead to the elderly being left on their own. The threats of isolation and loneliness begin knocking their doors followed by the risks of not being able to take care of themselves or endangering themselves. This is when the senior citizen homes can prove to be a huge help.

It is although, a little difficult to convince the elders to move to a new place since most of them loathe the idea of leaving the place they have spent the greater part of their lives in. But, there are situations where the children are left with no choice but to enroll the elders in elderly care homes. Over the years, these homes and their services have progressed. The elders are provided with all the necessary amenities and comforts similar to their own homes-

Health Care Provisions – Elders, who are totally vulnerable in terms of health and require 24*7 supervision, are provided with intensive health care through routine visits by doctors and a constant observation by nurses.

Independence in terms of living – There are options like separate and individual living spaces in apartments with reasonable rents and domestic help for elders who have just retired from their jobs and want a life away from home-bound responsibilities and obligations. They will be able to concentrate on themselves and live a hassle-free life.

Domestic help at home – With the growing old age, people become incapable of doing household chores on their own especially the ones that concern going out like buying vegetables, grocery items, medicines, bill payments etc. The home support for the elderly keeps hired domestic workers to take care of such tasks.

Health Care at Home – There are many old age homes that provide health care to the elders in the comfort of their own home. Most of the elders prefer being medicated in an environment familiar and comfortable to them among their family and neighbors. Also, poor health always makes it difficult to go out for treatments every now and then. Hence, the healthcare facilities at home are the most helpful for the senior citizens.

Today, there are around 728 old age homes in India out of which 325 are absolutely free of cost and 101 are allotted to women. Out of all the states in India, Kerala has 124 Old Age Homes, which is the highest in India. These homes are doing a great deal of work for making life a lot easier for the elderly. Reaching out to these homes is very easy with the senior citizen helpline.