Metal is one of the most used roofing material types that are being used from years. People consider building their roofs with metal because of so many advantages that comes along; other than the fact that makes your house look amazingly beautiful.

While building a new house, you look for everything that is reliable and something that also looks good. You can put up metal in any way that you want your roof top design to be; which there are many options available. For a good roofing troy Michigan, all you need is a clear idea and reliable roofing contractors that can build your roof just the way you want.


If you are looking for some ideas to use metal as a roof for your new home, here we are to help you decide.

  1. Metal Tile Roof

If you want to give your roof a tile look, metal tiles are the best to go for. Normal tiles are very heavy and costly. Not to mention that they are also very hard to work with. Whereas metal tiles are light in weight, easy to maintain and are not that costly too. Plus, you can use metal tiles in any roof style that you want.

  1. Metal Shingle/ Slate Roof

The biggest advantage of choosing metal shingle/ slate is the attractive appearance of your house. It gives a very smooth and unique look to your roof. They are light in weight so it will not be much of a hassle installing them. Metal shingles also provides great value for your home.

  1. Metal Shake Roof

If you like the look of wood for roofing purpose, you should definitely consider metal shake.

Metal Shake is a good option because of the very advantages that it provides. Metal shakes are considered as one of the best roofing options because of the fact that they give an extraordinary beautiful look to the house. They have longer life and are very durable. Shake are also easier to work with as they are light in weight.

You will also get many color options if you go for metal shake. You can have your favorite colored and classy looking roof with metal shake.

  1. Vertical Panel Roof

If you are looking for something that is not common yet and gives a very modern and clean look; you should consider vertical metal panel for your roof. They are also known as standing seam roofing material. People opt for vertical panel as their roofing material because of the many advantages that it offers along with beautiful appearance.

No matter what metal type you choose for your house, they all come with a pack of advantages. Metals are fire and earthquake resistant so you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions. They are also less likely to leak during heavy rain. If installed properly, you also won’t have to worry about its maintenance. For that, you just need a reliable roofing contractor.

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