Selecting a good roofing material is just as important as roof style. If you fail to choose the best roofing material, your house is never going to look as good and extra costs for maintenance are another story. Before you select a roofing material, make sure to gather information about that particular material.

If you are interested in clay roofs for your new house, here is all the information and ideas that you need. People choose clay as their roofing material because of the so many advantages that it offers. Here is also the fact that clay roof gives the house a very traditional look. So, if you want a traditional and classy look for your new house, clay or concrete are the roofing materials that you should go for.

Yes, clay or concrete tiles look very attractive and nice, but installing them is hard and tricky. To get your roof installed properly, you should start searching for the best roofing contractors Canton Michigan, so they can install your clay roof professionally.

Best Clay Roof Ideas

So, here are some clay roof ideas and its advantages so you can decide the best one for your house.

1.       Red Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are one of the most used roofing materials as they are very durable and strong. If you want more of a traditional looking house, you should definitely go for red clay tiles. These tiles won’t rot and are known for their longevity. It means that your roof will be in their perfect condition for decades and you will never have to invest extra amount for its maintenance.

You can choose any roofing style with red clay tiles, but the gable roof looks great with red tiles.

2.       Pantiles Roof Tiles

Pantiles are getting famous day by day and people are choosing them over normal clay tiles. They are also known as “S” shaped tiles. Yes, they are available in so many colors so you can choose the best one. Pantiles are light in weight if compared to the other clay/ concrete roof tiles. Pantiles are also durable and can survive any harsh weather conditions. Not to mention, that will make your house look very decent no matter what roof style you choose.

3.       Plain Clay Roof Tiles

If you are up for a very simple and elegant looking roof, you should check plain clay roof tiles. You can get these clay tiles in any color that you want. Also, they will look good on any roof shape; you can install them on your flat roof, shed, and gable or even pyramid hip roof. Clay tiles are fire and weather resistant. The only drawback of clay tiles is they are heavy, so it needs a lot of hard work to get them installed.

4.       Roman Roof Tiles

Roman Roof Tiles are very unique and uncommon. These roofing tiles give a very traditional and attractive look. Also, they are also a cheaper option than other clay roofing materials. Roman Roof Tiles are durable and require very less maintenance to be in the best condition.

Gable roof with Roman Roof Tiles makes the best match. 

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