3 Risks You Are Taking By Delaying A Health Insurance Plan

We often talk about the importance of health insurance plans, but do not follow up on our intention to get one for ourselves or our family. While it may seem harmless to delay it or undermine the necessity to buy health insurance, it can come back to bite you in a much worse, financially-straining manner. Health insurance can help safeguard you, at least financially, against medical exigencies and deal with sudden illnesses without adversely affecting your finances. Let’s enumerate the risks you take when you choose not to get a health plan. 

Health Inflation and Age-determined Premium

Healthcare costs are always surging. Did you know that India’s healthcare inflation has been rising steadily and more alarmingly and is increasing at double the rate of overall retail inflation? Being able to afford timely and quality healthcare is a privilege few can afford at this pace.  Dealing with these healthcare-related expenses is the first and foremost reason for buying medical insurance. It may look like it is a choice to buy health insurance, but it really isn’t. The charges, spanning hospitalization, diagnostic and medical bills etc, can be crippling and potentially a hindrance to treatment if you don’t have a health insurance policy to fall back on. 

Delaying or denying yourself (and your family) timely healthcare

Let’s look at two scenarios. One, when a health emergency strikes. What if there’s an accident? What if a family member suffers a heart attack? What if the stress of your job gets to you one day? The last thing you would want to do is stress about stress itself. Always know that health-related issues strike without warning and can affect anyone. With complete family insurance plans like Bajaj Allianz Health insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS, you should safeguard yourself and your loved ones today.

Now let’s consider the second scenario. If you are diagnosed with a serious ailment or a critical illness or a chronic condition, what would someone’s best reasonable response be in such a situation? To get immediate medical help and attention. If there are any surgeries or treatments recommended to alleviate or treat the illness or ailment, they should be sought out right away. But when you do not have a health insurance plan, you end up avoiding the much-needed treatment, including but not limited to, prescriptions, medications, surgeries and therapies. A study, in fact, showed that patients without health insurance are more likely to delay seeking care for heart attacks! This only makes your illness worse. Moreover, you may be worried that even if you do try to buy health insurance now, it would mean paying a much higher premium now that you have a diagnosis, or not getting important riders or coverage on the critical illnesses. 

Why? Here’s the deal: a health check-up is required to buy the Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance policy, on Finserv MARKETS, for a person beyond 45 years of age. Medical tests would be conducted for adverse health conditions given like diabetes, hypertension, lipid disorders, obesity, joint disorders. The pre-plan check-ups would be conducted at Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance’s empanelled diagnostic centres. The full cost of pre-plan check-up would be refunded if the proposal is approved & policy gets issued. 

Cashless Services 

The truth is that whenever there is a medical emergency, there is usually a lot of accompanying panic and anxiety for the caregivers. It may get aggravated if the task of arranging for funds at the crucial moment also falls on them. Besides, no one keeps cash handy – at least not as much as the expenses incurred on a simple surgery or even just hospitalisation. All these worries can be waived off with a health insurance policy in hand. Under the policy, you can avail various health insurance benefits like– organ donor expenses, reinstatement cover, homoeopathic and ayurvedic hospitalization and covers you and your children/family (siblings, parents and parents-in-law).


At the current pace of medical inflation, delaying buying a health insurance plan is not recommended at all. Simply head over to Finserv MARKETS and get yourself a robust policy for your whole family!