3 Hot Careers in the Legal Field


The legal field has a glamour surrounding it. We sit ourselves in front of the televsion to watch popular shows such as CSI, follow the struggles of new cops in The Rookie, and even the naval criminalistics of NCIS. Legal professionals don’t always work as a lawyers or judges. There are many facets of the law that create the system we follow and help give us the structure we need. Becoming a lawyer may not appeal to you or may seem intimidating, but there are other ways to learn and study law without actually pursuing a Juris Doctorate! The following three careers let you stay in the legal world without becoming a lawyer.


You do need a certain amount of legal knowledge when finding a job within the law field. Becoming a paralegal can be a happy medium if you love the law but don’t desire to be a lawyer yourself. However, a paralegal job can be just as demanding and vital. There are over 26,0000 paralegals and legal assistants to the 1.3 million US lawyers currently practicing in 2018. Firms and lawyers hire paralegals to support them. Paralegals are responsible for researching, exploring, and scrutinizing information and facts to be utilized in cases. They organize and prepare documentation such as briefs, contracts, and other agreements the firm needs. Though extremely important, paralegals cannot give out legal advice or sign documents as officers of the court, whereas lawyers can. If you wish to further your career in paralegal studies, you can participate in one of four (or all) certification processes.

Court reporting

In every courtroom, you may see a person typing away and recording every word uttered between parties. Such a person is called a court reporter. A court report has more than fast typing skills at hand, though they do need to type over 200 words per minute. The median wage is over 26 dollars an hour. Court reporters must purchase their own stenotype, which can help them branch to other fields. Political and medical fields hire reporters to records necessary information. In any of these fields the transcripts are then placed into text as reports and are even evolving into high definition video recording depositions and conferencing. Court reporters can find jobs just about anywhere: from small towns in Arkansas to West Palm Beach court reporters are sought after, and the skills required are transferable to many other fields.

Legal nurse consultant

A legal nurse consultant is someone who uses their degree to help settle and identify any medical issues at hand. In certain legal cases, such as a person who organizes and thoroughly looks through medical papers and records, could need to be present during or perform medical exams, and may be called upon as a witness in a case. Legal nurse consultants can be vital parts of a legal teams. These experts decipher medical records in a case and help find what lawyers need to make a lawsuit successful. Such nurses look for medical mistakes and help assess someone who is in need of medical assistance due to, for example, a personal injury case or malpractice. A misdiagnosed issue can hurt not just the injured party but the case the law team has built. This could be a great job for someone interested in the medical field and legal field but wants to become neither a doctor nor a lawyer!

These are just a few of the many jobs out there that are in the legal field that don’t require law school. All of them require some training, but they are quite accessible and might make the dream career for you.