Cats Saved From Hoarder

The lives of 3 cats and 40 dogs will never remain the same thanks to the efforts of the Pima Animal Care Center. The agency did a tremendous job of saving the animals from a hoarder home.

According to reports, 3 cats, along with 40 dogs, were found close to South 4th Avenue and East 22nd Street.

The agency responded to a call from the owner and acted swiftly to help the animals. The owner is working closely with the PACC and is providing every information they might need.

“The owner is what we call in the business, and overwhelmed caregiver,” PACC’s Kristen Hassen said. “Although she had good intentions, the work became too voluminous for her. In the end, she had too many to provide adequate care for.”

The services of PACC’s was called by Tucson Fire after it emerged that a resident was biting more than it could chew. Upon arrival, the agency was greeted with a strong smell emanating from the house. The house was littered with animal waste and fur.

Most of the animals were in a healthy state. The PACC mentioned that it would spay and neuter the animals, then after it will provide them with new homes.

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2 Chihuahuas Saved From Hoarder In Need Of New Homes

The International Chihuahua Appreciation Day is always marked with lots of cute pictures of chihuahuas, and uplifting stories about this amazing animal.

To mark the celebration this year, the Helen Woodward Animal Center is using the special day to celebrate the rescue of 60 chihuahuas from a hoarder. The chihuahuas were rescued from a Bakersfield hoarding case at the start of the year. The animal center is encouraging people to adopt two of the dogs in their shelter.

At the start of February, the Helen Woodward Animal Center answered a call about a hoarding case involving several dogs in Bakersfield. The rescue was a wild scale event involving several organizations. While the Helen Woodward Animal Center took in 16 of the dogs, the others were shared among other organizations.

A good number of the animals rescued were either sick or suffering from one condition or the other. Some were diagnosed with skin issues, others with upper respiratory diseases, and so on.

Immediately the dogs were rescued, they were spayed, neutered, and vaccinated.

The dogs Helen Woodward took in, have already started their road to recovery. The dogs are socializing, and they have been training as well as playing. The love in the center is helping them recover from their ordeal. Since their rescue, eight of the dogs have found new homes.

Now, two other dogs are looking for a new home. The center is currently waiting for someone to come whisk them away.

Police Arrest Two People Over Animal Cruelty And Hoarding

Two people have been arrested in Syracuse, New York, following a burst up by local police. The two people in question face 51 counts each of animal cruelty after investigations showed that they were hoarding more than 40 animals (4 cats, and 47 dogs).

Local police say that the husband and wife, Anthony Jones, and Marian Jones both face 51 counts each of Animal Cruelty, felony, misdemeanor, among other charges.

The arrests were made following several tips from individuals within the community. Investigations revealed that the husband and wife have been subjecting the animals to harsh living conditions.

The Police worked closely with the Syracuse Dog Control, to execute a various search at several locations. This resulted in the rescue of more than 45 dogs and 4 cats.

Understanding hoarding and what can be done when it takes over your home or that of your loved ones.

Hoarding can be easily misunderstood and handling it can be very tricky, but it is possible for hoarders to take back the control of their home.

Congested homes

There are severe cases where clutter might have been distributed to spaces outside, the garage, and even the vehicle.

In a Miami Hoarder Cleanout, all types of trash and junk must be removed from the home.

Many of us are aware that our stuff is just too much and a good sorting out is required to make it easier and more relaxed to live in. However, hoarding can be severe for about 2% to 5% of the entire population.

It goes beyond just collecting or keeping an untidy environment. Hoarding is the compelling desire to keep things with little or no value until their volume can no longer be handled to the extent that it will completely take over the home.

Hoarding expert, Heather Matarazzo, who established Clouds End, a social agency that assists hoarders and the chairperson of Hoarders UK stated that the extreme cases are where old people with depreciating health and mobility conditions hoard up their homes to the extent that it is very difficult to sleep anywhere except stairs in the hall. The home of a lady was once filled up that she was almost sleeping on her feet as the only available space was not more than a square foot.

Lynn Howells, who operates a hoarding Support unit for Sylvia Homes housing association and considers herself as a hoarder that is currently handling an ongoing effort added that hoarding develops a confined living environment that makes homes filled up leaving only pathways that are winding through huge amounts of clutter.

Almost all the available surfaces will be filled with different kinds of items. The junks might also spread to other storage places such as vehicles, external places, garage, and so on once the available space inside is filled.

Howells and Matuozzo decided to handle some popular questions about hoarding here ahead of our National Hoarding Awareness week

What exactly is hoarding?

According to Matuozzo, it is the extreme collection of items and the inability to release these items, especially those with little or no value. The collection of these items is so extreme that using your room for its main purpose becomes difficult. For instance, being unable to sleep in the bedroom.

These signs affect other areas of your life as well, such as work, health, and relationships.

Hoarders are usually not recognized or receive ill-treatment even though they usually have low self-esteem. They often get kicked out or have to compel clearances, which is very horrible.

The available types of hoarding

Apart from hoarding disorder, people also suffer from chronic disorganization which is described by Matuozzo as when individuals don’t know how to create space for items.

She stated that there is usually a specific level of hoarding in everybody, but as long as this level of hoarding is maintained, without fire risk, the people who would be unhappy are their relatives who will have to clear their home after they have passed on.

She continued that as long as their lifestyle is not affected and can easily move around the house and access doors and windows without any stack of a newspaper that is a potential risk of fire, and if other people who are invited in the house are fine with the arrangement, then its fine. However, there is an issue when these things begin to fizzle out.

What causes hoarding?

Matuozzo stated that hoarding can be associated with a genetic predisposition but trauma is a popular cause.

She continued that it is a technique used to deal with distressing life occurrences that mostly involves loss. A popular one is a bereavement, loss of employment, or relationship.

She stated that it can also be an empty nest syndrome or a mixture of the above mentioned, especially when multiple distressing events occur simultaneously that it is difficult to deal with so a subconscious coping technique is used.

You might be doing it unconsciously, which makes hoarding very challenging. The individual hoarding might not be aware of what’s happening, but trying to put an end to the agonizing thoughts by diverting the attention of the brain to other activities such as collecting. However, it is normal to collect and buy stuff and everyone has one thing or the other they never want to lose.

The challenging part is when it is hard to even recognize the area one is hoarding. Hoarding is another coping technique where some individuals overeat, others might decide to get drunk.

Individuals who hoard might feel they are in control, but in reality, it is a control that is controlling the individual.

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Do hoarders know they’re hoarding?

Matuozzo stated that an underlying acknowledgment often happens.

She continued that they can become slow-witted and decide that they have chosen that lifestyle and inform others not to interfere but a method that she uses to reflect it back is by informing them that they shut people out which they won’t normally do except when bothered. This implies that they are fully aware of but just overpowered and nervous.

How can you deal with hoarding?

Howell stated that hoarding requires sensitive and individual tackling. A support group is required. They should collaborate with those they trust and ensure to place focus on the individual hoarding, but make sure they grant permission to every action. Making them decide has a long-term effect on handling hoarding. Trying to make things better by taking out everything will always usually restore the habit of hoarding all over again.

Matuozzo continued that compelling an individual to handle the habit is very hard. The person needs to desire help and since they are fully aware of the problem, you can collaborate with them to produce results. However, whenever an individual keeps requesting to be left alone since it is their own stuff, it will be very difficult as it requires going against their will.

She continued that she often tries telling them of instances where people changed their lives, but people tend to hold back whenever they are told to get help as they feel they have been prejudged.

She suggested different support groups and organizations that hoarders or their loved ones can visit. Some of them are Hoarding Disorders, UK (, Clouds End, Hoarding UK. People can as well search Facebook for Stay in and Sort Out group or LifePodUk.

Are things difficult for hoarders due to coronavirus?

Howell indicated that several individuals handle hoarded homes by going out and steering clear of it, but considering the current condition, it is impossible to do. The hard part is changing the location of the items to a charity shop or for recycling. She suggested that the items should be tagged sooner to avoid sorting them over again and later delivering the tagged items to wherever they would be accepted.

Matuozzo stated that she has encountered several cases where hoarders had to handle their issues as a result of the lockdown.

For instance, a woman who once lost her son filled up her home with irrelevant and unboxed items. She had no television or a boiler so she felt too embarrassed to invite people and repair them, which makes her decide to live, eat and sleep in only one room as she faced rat infestation in other parts of the room.

Matuozzo indicated that as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, she couldn’t go to work so she sat down and decided that she cared and wanted to live her life. She was able to clear out her house alongside help in less than 10 days, even though she had to cope with her rat infestation. She had a messed-up life, but she decided to tackle it which would have not happened if not for the coronavirus.

The national Hoarding Awareness Week begins on May 18. For more information,

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