The officials from Bossier Parish continues to handle issues with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in favor of its parish residents who experienced the tragic destruction as s result of the three episodes of flooding that started in 2009.

A total of about $3.2 million has been demanded for the purchase of homes that have been branded with regular loss, according to the Butch Ford, the parish engineer.

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He informed the members of the police jury that three pots of money exist for hazard Mitigation Grant funds 2009, 2015, and 2016 and the combination of the 2009 and 2015 equal about $2 million.

Ford continued that 10 more owners also want to benefit from the buyout program and indicated that an extra $1.1 million would be required.

An outline of the homes in need of the mitigation funds must be provided on or before Feb 13 and alternative sources would be required if any request was declined.

Ford stated that they were on top of the situation and he promised to submit the request of anyone interested in joining the program.

At the time of the regular meeting, members of the police jury:

Appointed Doug to occupy the vacant role of Bossier Parish Communications District 1.

Scheduled public hearings where a series of the proposed construction of Millers Acres subdivision, Andrys Acres subdivision, and Willow Chute Estates subdivision will be approved.

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Authorized a plan modification to the combined waterworks/sewerage district 1, the northern part of Bossier Parish.

Authorized the promotion of proposal requests for the fiscal agent of Bossier Parish Police Jury to be submitted on Feb, 24 through April 1, 2019.

Authorized a joint  agreement among Bossier Parish, the Board of the Parish school, and Bossier City.

Approved the finalization of the Louisiana compliance questionnaire that relates to the 2016 review of the financial records of the parish police jury.

Implemented a resolution that supports the election aspiration of Lyndon B. Johnson as a member-at-large to the state police jury association’s executive board.

Approved the pursuit of the lawsuit for improper sewer discharge in Haughton property by the parish attorney.

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Announced that the property in the East Shreveport subdivision has been adjudicated and authorized a joint endeavor agreement between Bossier City and the Parish concerning the donation of the property for Bossier City’s development.

Authorized the request of the transportation department of the parish school board to renovate the school bus on Thomas John Rd.

Approved the completion of the drainage improvements in the Forest Hills subdivision.

Authorized the modification order on District 1’s wastewater collection system.

Authorized a supplemental agreement with Jolly & McClelland. Inc, Fenner, and Aillet for the state project. The North Bossier Shared Use Trail, phase 2, and authorized an addition to the contract with Jolly & McClelland. Inc, Fenner, and Aillet.