2021’s Best Valentine’s Gifts

Since February 2020, the way people live, work and celebrate special occasions has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Although vaccines were approved for use in the United States in December 2020, only a small percentage of the population had been vaccinated by 2021. New strains of the virus have also prompted many states and countries to impose new travel restrictions.

Pandemic restrictions will continue to impact the way people live for months to come. Consequently, trying to determine the best Valentine’s gifts to give their partner or loved ones in 2021 is a little more complicated than usual. If you’re struggling to come up with a way to celebrate the holiday, there are some traditional and original gift options you can explore.

Order flowers or plants.


Turn to a reputable florist for Valentine’s Day plant delivery. Valentine’s Day flowers are one of the most popular gifts exchanged on Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, plants and flowers can be ordered online and delivered right to your door, which makes it possible to shop and secure the gift from the safety of your own home. You can choose from standard floral bouquet options and give your partner red roses, or you can indulge them with a Valentine’s Day plant.

Choose from hoya heart plants, anthurium-flamingo flowers, and orchids. You can support eco-friendly farming by ordering from a local florist who sources plants and flowers directly from environmentally-friendly farmers and give your partner plants or flowers that will brighten their day at the same time.

Choose gifts with physical health benefits.


Investing in houseplants for your partner is an effective way of supporting their physical and mental health for months to come. Orchids and other plants extract carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen. Houseplants will improve the air quality in your home. They can eliminate odors, and the fresh air can help you sleep. Houseplants also help combat stress.

Perform a Google search to find the best carpet cleaners in your area. Over time, carpets absorb dust, dander, mold spores, and pesticides. Dirty carpets can trigger allergies and cause other health issues, such as respiratory problems and skin irritation. Hire professional carpet cleaners to come to your home and clean your carpets, rugs, and tiles to protect the health of your spouse, toddler, and pets. Experienced carpet cleaners can also remove stains and eliminate unpleasant odors caused by dirty carpets.

Plan an at-home date night.


Your region may have pandemic-related restrictions in place that prevent you from going out for a date, but you can plan a date night at home that will be just as memorable. Set aside an area in your home where you can decorate. If you have a spare bedroom, you could order banners, balloons, flowers, posters, cushions, candles, and other decorative items to transform the space.

Create a playlist of your favorite romantic music that you can play during your date. Indulge your partner with a new outfit they’ll love, such as a sheath dress. Sheath dresses come in floral prints and solid colors, and your fabric choices include polyester-spandex and nylon-spandex blends or leather. Make sure you get an outfit for yourself as well. Taking time to dress up is a way of showing your partner that this is a special occasion, even if you’re celebrating at home. You might opt to spend some time dancing, or you could order dinner from your favorite restaurant and enjoy an exceptional meal together.

Enjoy a socially-distanced date.


Spending months at home can be challenging, and your partner may crave an opportunity to get out of the house for a little while. If you aren’t in full lockdown, there may be some seasonally-appropriate activities you can enjoy safely outdoors. You could plan a hike in the forest on some remote trails. If you have snow in your area, you might choose to go cross-country skiing or to snowshoe instead.

If you and your partner are experienced horseback riders, you could plan to spend the afternoon riding. If you’re inexperienced, you might be able to hire a guide to take you out on horseback. You’re less likely to be exposed to the coronavirus if you’re outdoors, and it’s possible to maintain safe distances while horseback riding.

Give your significant other some subscriptions.

Staying home can take a toll on a person’s mental health. If your partner’s struggling with COVID-19 restrictions, consider giving them some subscriptions. A Masterclass pass is a great option. Whether your partner’s always wanted to write a book or learn how to cook like a master chef, MasterClass will have plenty of course options they can enjoy. Pay one low fee for 12 months of access to all the classes they offer.

You can also promote online friendships by giving your partner subscriptions to their favorite streamers on Twitch. This is a great way to help them socialize online. They may also find some gaming partners they can interact with, which will prevent them from feeling lonely during lockdowns.

Focus on restoring a healthy relationship.


The pandemic has caused stress and changed relationship dynamics for millions of couples around the globe. Some couples have separated due to the strain of the lockdowns. In some cases, travel restrictions and schedule changes exposed infidelity and other relationship issues.

If reconnecting with your partner is your objective, you could invest in teletherapy. Therapists are available to offer counseling by phone or live video chat. Suppose you’re having a hard time communicating with your partner. In that case, you might find it easier to discuss your relationship with a neutral party present who can encourage both of you to stay calm and help you identify the source of your issues.

Get a pet for your partner.


Pets offer companionship, and they represent stability in a relationship. If your partner struggles with loneliness, a pet can offer meaningful interaction that will make it easier to work from home and avoid social gatherings. You could opt for traditional pets, such as dogs and cats, or you could choose a smaller pet, such as a fish or hamster.

Your plans and activities for the first half of 2021 may still be significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Still, there are several ways you can commemorate special occasions like Valentine’s Day. Whether you choose to buy something that will support your partner’s health or address pandemic-related challenges they’re having, you can invest in your relationship with presents that are ideal for enjoying a socially-distanced holiday.