16 Imaginative Decoration Tips from The Experts

When was the last time you talked to an expert about issues related to your home decoration? While most of the times they are not free for a meeting, others aren’t willing to help without charging a fee. You want to make your house the best in the neighborhood, and I understand this.

The next 3 minutes will be full of tips from the experts around the world, showering their decor tips for you to make your home lively and beautiful.

Here are 16 tips from the experts themselves:

  1. LED Mirror

LED mirrors are the talk of the town. Hang one of these in the bathroom, and your guests won’t resist staring at it.

2. A porter floor lamp

This is something that’s to be kept in the drawing-room. The traditional design of the lamp will emit a unique glow in your house.

3. A Chinese stool

Your guests won’t find any issues in seating as you will have one or two Chinese stools ready for them. It looks amazing and feels amazing too, both at the same time.

4. Graffiti Art

Graffiti art on a wall will be a good idea if you don’t resist yourself from keeping your room expressive and artistic. The LED mirror, when attached opposite to it, will make your room more playful.

5. A vintage bookshelf

Bookshelves might sound boring to you, but they are not. Even if you are not an avid reader yourself, you can buy a vintage one from some shop and keep some books to add something fancy to the room.

6. An artificial plant

You can get a bamboo plant or even a banyan tree if you want. The web is full of websites that sell artificial plants to keep as showpieces.

7. LED lights at the entrance

You can get these at the same place where you buy the LED mirror from. LED lights on the porch will keep the entrance charming and unique.

8. Wooden hooks

Traditional hooks are dull now. You can get a pair or two of wooden hooks online and use them to hand your coat next time. Plus, they look beauty too!

9. A rug

Your guests won’t be willing to move out of the room once they set foot on the rug you buy to make your living room happening.

10. A good bed

This includes a good bed, mattress, throws, blankets, and pillows too. All of these must be in sync with each other and the theme of the room.

11. Statement mirror

A statement mirror in the living room apart from An LED mirror will just add to its beauty rather than making your living room complicated.

12. Photo clip string lights

These are a new trend, and a must-have for people who like to go with the trends. These make your walls less annoying and uplift the energy in your room instantly.

13. Window decorative

Decorating the window frames is something new in town. You can go for films that are meant to be attached to the windows for a more beautiful look.

14. Hangers

It’s time to say goodbye to the age-old hangers you used in the washroom. Upgrade to the steel hangers and give your bathroom a cool factor.

15. A wall clocks

Your wall clock’s old now and it’s time to get a wall clock that can show you the time and your guests the vibrancy in your room. It has to be the centre of attraction in the place.

16. Frames

You can get your paintings framed, or some landscape images framed and hang it around the LED mirror. This will allow the frames to become attractive and glow even in dim lighting conditions.


All in all,

It’s your house, and you have the final say in all the decorations that you need to do. All you have to take care of is the fact that whatever you install matches your room and the textures, be it the LED mirror or the wall clock.