10 Factors of International Calling Cards
international Calling Cards

When you buy any international calling card, you must make sure that you understand the facts, associated with Calling Card. This article will help you in understanding those facts, through which you can save your money and select your card smartly.

Calling Card Factors:

1) Per Minute Rate

This is the rate which the caller pays for every minute of a call and is calculated on the basis of the source and destination country.

2) Rounding

Rounding or Minute Rounding is sometimes referred to as billing increment. Regardless of the call duration, the card is billed according to rounding duration, like for a 3-minute rounding card, the billing will be done in 3 minutes increments.

3) Connection Charges

Every time a connection is made, pre-specified connection charges will be deducted from the caller’s account. Usually when the caller answers the call, then the charges are deducted.

4) Maintenance Charges

These charges are taken by the provider to maintain call quality. The charges are deducted at the stated interval from the caller’s balance, like monthly or weekly. Some card providers do not take these charges.

5) Communication Charges

Usually, these charges are applied whenever the caller made any call from his card and some providers do not take these charges, so you can search for them

6) Denominations

The denomination is the exact value of your phone card. The denomination value which maybe $10, $20 or $30 credit likewise is divided by the rate per minute. Search for the maximum minute talk time cards

7) Access Number Charges

When you buy the calling card, this number is provided to you. You will have to dial this number, every time when you will make an international call. It may be a local phone number or toll-free number of that country, in which you are.

8) Payphone Surcharge

If you have bought a payphone, then the Payphone Surcharge will be deducted from your calling card balance, whenever you will connect to a call, using your card.

9) Expiry of the card

Most of the calling cards have a pre-specified expiry date and if any credit amount is left on the card, then it won’t be refunded to the caller.

10) Recharge

When the initial amount of the card vanishes, then the card can be recharged. The caller can also manage the card recharge through their online account. Online recharge facility is usually offered to the users, who bought the card online.

On the basis of the above factors, you can compare the features of various service provider cards and select the one through which you can get more minutes without paying higher charges.