Since air conditioning is a facility used in almost all houses and commercial complexes, it only makes sense for the companies to be updated with the problems faced by many customers. The HVAC companies, are guiding the customers to overcome these problems by providing them troubleshooting problems. This blog will explain in detail ten major issues faced by the customers all the time and what solutions are given by the HVAC companies near Louisville, KY, to solve these issues.

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1 Changing the Air Filter

One of the most common problems faced by all air conditioners is dirt getting accumulated on the filters. As a troubleshoot, the company professional or the user is advised to wash the filter after every three or six months depending upon the company. They also advise changing the filter. To check whether the filter is dirty or not, pass any light source through it. If it does not reach the other end, it needs to be cleaned.

2 Malfunctioning Of Thermostat

If the thermostat is not working properly, then the air conditioning will cause you major problems. Check if the thermostat is clean, kept far away from sunlight, and works in the ideal setting. If not, contact the company, and they will handle the rest. While working on troubleshooting any thermostat-related problems, make sure you have the company’s manual with you as it will have all the solutions you need.

3 Leaking Of the Coolant

If the coolant leaks from the air conditioner, then also the unit won’t work properly. If the coolant itself is leaking, then there is nothing in the unit that can provide the cooling effect, and also, there will be a change in the unit’s temperature. Also, take proper notes of where you saw the leak and mention it properly to the expert. Since the cost of the leak depends upon the location, it is advised to consult a technician.

4 Obstruction For The Outdoor Unit

An outdoor unit is placed outside your home that also plays an important role in ensuring the air conditioner works properly. If the unit is covered with dust, leaves, or debris, it might also result in the indoor unit not working properly. As a solution, you can clean the surrounding of the outdoor unit and keep it debris-free.

5 Replace Your Old HVAC Unit

One of the common problems handled by the HVAC companies near Louisville, KY, is that they are old and cause more damage. If the unit is old, then there are very few chances that the part will be available for repair. So if you’re moving to a new palace or the old unit has been with you for some time, it is advised to replace and get a new unit.

6 The Capacitors Must Be Proper

Capacitors are the part that powers the motors, which makes the fans work. If the capacitor is not proper and does not work properly, it will not make the motor work, and the fan will not start. Therefore, get the capacitor changed by the technician.

7 Dirt on the Fans

Most HVAC units don’t work properly because the fans are also getting dirty over time. If the fans are smooth and clear of any dirt, they will work smoothly, and the airflow will also be proper. To ensure that the fan is clean, call a professional that can clean the fan.

8 The Vents Must Be Clear

If you have anything that is blocking the vents, such as rugs or pieces of furniture, it is advised to remove the obstruction items immediately. Once the items are removed, you will feel that the airflow has increased, and also, the room is cooled almost immediately, unlike before.

9 Dirty Coils

A major issue faced by almost all the units that do not get frequent maintenance is dirty coils. Since these coils are responsible for taking the heat in from your room and sending the heat outside, if the outside surrounding is not clean and obstructed, the coils will become dirty and unable to dissipate the heat properly. This will cause more problems as the heat will not be released, forcing the heat to stay indoors. Give a call to the professional, and they will clean the coils for you.

10 Mechanical Wear And Tear

The unit’s smooth working is done with the help of many parts such as bolts, belts, and bearings. If these parts are not taken care of, they tend to undergo wear and tear. Due to the parts’ wear and tear, the airflow, cooling, and dissipation of heat are compromised. Regular maintenance of the unit, including oiling of all the parts, can help ensure that the parts are properly working and not under excess stress.

In conclusion

By taking proper care and regularly scheduling the maintenance by calling the professionals from Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling, you rest assured that your unit is in expert hands.

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