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What is the most common heart disease?

There are many types of heart diseases that exist these days. With the spread of different kinds of bacteria and viruses, the types  of heart related diseases are increasing day by day. Human beings are not aware of this fact, and hence they generalize any sort of heart related problem into one category and take the appropriate steps.

One of the most common heart diseases is Ischemic heart disease. Below mentioned are the consequences of Ischemic heart disease. It is better to gain some information which may be helpful when the need arises.

  • Angin: When there is a fall in the supply of blood to the heart, you feel pain in your chest. This situation is known as Angina. Your heart needs oxygen which is carried through the blood. Thus, any type of disturbance in this flow leads to some dangerous problems. When the blood vessels are blocked, the result is Angina. The main target is the chest pain, but many a times the pain can extend to your jaw, left arm and the shoulder. You will notice that the pain gets relived when you take rest and increases if you do even a little amount of work. Some of the symptoms of Angina attack are sweating, dizziness and shortness of breath. Symptoms vary among men and women. Women usually tend to have pain in the middle back and the shoulder. Also, the intensity of the jaw pain and throat pain in women is higher than in men. It is advisable that you visit a good Heart Hospital in Delhi if the symptoms are severe and continuous.
  • Coronary artery disease: Coronary artery disease is nothing but a result of atherosclerosis; the blocking or narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to the human heart. It is a very common heart disease and one of the major causes of heart attacks. Get the patient admitted in the best Heart Hospital in Delhi to save his or her life.
  • Heart Attack: If the human heart does not receive adequate supply of blood at proper time intervals, chances are that the individual is going to face a heart attack. Well, you will be lucky enough if you get yourself treated soon after the heart attack. In this case, the attack will not be deadly. But if not, you can even lose your life. No matter what the consequences are, the human heart gets damaged after undergoing an attack.
  • Sudden death: When your heart stops pumping blood completely, the result is death. Heart attacks, any kind of abnormality are the reasons behind a sudden death of an individual.
  • Coronary heart disease: Coronary heart disease is yet another consequence of Ischemic heart disease. It is a kind of disease related to the arteries to the human heart and results in a lot of complications, namely severe heart attacks and angina.

Be very careful regarding your health. Pay attention to even the small changes that your body is going through. It may be a signal of something serious and dangerous.

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