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What Are The Important Types Of Balloons?

There Are Two Main Types Of Balloons Possible: Latex And Foil.

Foil Balloons

Standard foil balloons can be stretched with helium and are self-sealing (see notes below) which means you don’t want to knot them. They also have a device which means that they should stop admitting helium when they are full – inflate smoothly with helium until the valve automatically switches off and tie to a ribbon.

This will only serve if you fill the balloons slowly and it is reasonable to burst the balloon if you overfill it. Foil balloons should be inflated so that the configuration of the balloon is apparent, BUT there is still some present in the side of the balloon when compressed.

If the balloon is packed so that it is tight closure is likely to burst and the balloon will either pop or gradually leak out helium. The moral of this – ‘be careful and cautious when you fill them. Foil balloons continue for 2-3 days.

There are some shorter foils available which are situated on a stick and cup. These are filled with air and want to be machine sealed.

Foil balloons must never be discharged outside as they do not bio-degrade. If you take them out always guarantee that they are weighted or firmly tied to a heavy object.

Latex Balloons

Latex balloons can be inflated with air or helium depending on the position of the balloon. You will often see large amounts of balloons for sale at very low prices but they may not be sufficient good quality to take helium, or they may take the helium but contract after a brief time. Helium feature latex balloons in Hyderabad are thicker than standard balloons and often arrive much darker in color when un-inflated than when inflated.

Decorator quality latex balloons persist for 12-16 hours when inflated with helium, and so DON’T does them the day before. On the day keep the room aired but hold the filled balloons out of direct sunlight continuously you want them. Opt for balloon decoration in Hyderabad for best quality.

Preparing and Arranging Helium Filled Balloons


It is suggested that you prepare as much as you can before the day of the event. Guarantee you have enough balloons, weights, and ribbon and cut the ribbon for each organization and tie it to the weights practicing a double knot.

This will mean that on the day of the competition all you have to do is stretch the balloons and knot and tie them to the ribbon. Don’t forget to take a strip measure with you on the day.


Foil balloons should self-seal and so once charge with helium they can be tied to the ribbon.

Latex balloons want to be filled according to the diameter of the balloon. The width is customarily stated on the pack or the web site. If filled correctly you will minimize balloon bursts and maximize floating time.

Your compositions will also be of a professional pattern as all balloons will be equal in size. To load the balloon to the correct size place a chair with it’s back the established diameter from a wall or another object, then the balloon until it is a snug suit into the gap.

Once you have loaded the balloon, you need to tie it to the ribbon.

For the table, arrangements place the base of the under balloon about 26 inches/ 66 cm from the bottom of the weight. This will permit people to see each other when seated. Layer the other balloon(s) above this one so that they are overlapping but tired.

For the floor, compositions tie the top balloon first and layer downwards to make sure that you have adequate space for all your balloons.

Curling The Ribbon

The ribbon which is stretching from the base of the balloon should be curled. Balloon ribbon owns a slight curl to it. Use the shuttered scissor blades on the base of the ribbon which is the side which is turning away from you. Pull these closed edges gently along the ribbon in one movement and the ribbon will gently curl. You may want to repeat this a few days before the event to ensure you produce a professional result.

Arrange your balloons and experience the celebration.


Balloons are a dangerous choking hazard and must not be transferred to or be within reach of babies and young children.

HELIUM is very critical and is an asphyxiant. Never breath helium – it can kill.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you safely fill the balloons. Apply a trolley to carry helium and ensure that people aren’t close to you while you complete the decoration. Wear earplugs and goggles if you are concerned about bursting balloons – they can be pretty loud and sting if the latex hits you! For less cost opt balloon decorations in Hyderabad.