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Top 5 Mobile App Analytics Stats That Matter for Your App’s Success


Do you know that approximately 22% of apps downloaded are never used more than once? Users are instantly getting excited by the new applications, but their high expectations are often unmet while using the app.


Therefore, it is highly important to track critical app engagement metrics and using those stats to inform actionable solutions. Mobile app analytics play a very significant role that every app needs, but there are many that don’t know what to look for.


However, most of the metrics that tracked by mobile analytics platforms fall into one of three buckets including engagement, conversion, and retention. Some of the popular metrics, attract all the attention within these categories.


  • You should daily look at daily active users, or monthly active users for a retention rate of the app.
  • You can consider an in-app event that you consider as a conversion for a conversion rate of the application.
  • Whereas for engagement of the app, you can look push notification open rates.


To make your app successful, you need to give attention to the below-mentioned mobile app analytics stats that will reflect bigger app health and marketing needs. Take these important stats on your mobile analytics platform and boost the chances of success of your application.


Daily and Monthly Active Users of Your App


Considering daily and monthly active users of the app is highly useful metrics, but these metrics will not tell the complete story. Both DAU and MAU are quoted as raw numbers not a percentage of total numbers that is even useful for PR, but less useful for the app team itself.


However, when it is uttered as a percentage, it is more interesting to look at DAU and MAU together. By dividing daily and monthly active users, we can get the stickiness of the application as it answers all the important questions like how many of my monthly users have become daily users, etc.

The value of the addicts is extremely high as every monthly user of the app was a daily user. Stickiness is useful to track as it gives you a feel for how many potential DAUs you have.


Always remember that a person can’t be a daily active user before becoming a monthly active user; therefore, monthly active users are important candidates to become daily active users. Eventually, you need to boost your app’s addicts and get more users into

DAU category.


Daily Users’ Percent Who Bought


Counting daily users’ percent, who purchased works in concert with them in app per daily user. You can easily answer how effectively are we pushing users to convert by tracking what percentage of daily users have made a purchase in the past.


It is essential to maximize app engagement; however, its revenue, which keeps the business running smoothly. We are aware of the importance of the first purchase. Osiris, who is converting are more likely to keep converting; therefore, it would be a problem if your most engaged users are not taking the final step to their first purchase.


You can consider prompting first-time purchasers with discounts if this metric is low. It is highly clear that they are the biggest fans of the application.


Session Length


When it comes to session length, it is mainly measured as the period between an app open and close. This metric shows how much time your users are given in your app per individual session.


By segmenting your users, you can have a look at which audiences are spending the most time on your app and what are the reasons behind this. Measuring the length of the users’ session is important for revealing revenue potential in your application flows

For instance, if have an eCommerce app for your business, how long does your checkout flow take?


If the average session length of the app is five minutes and your checkout flow takes six, you need to either motivate your users to stay longer in the app or you just need to simplify the checkout process for the customers.


First Time Users


There are lots of mobile user acquisition happening through paid advertising; therefore, it is tempting to give attention on attribution. However, the overall percentage of first-time users are helpful for mobile teams to grasp App Store Optimization along with paid acquisition.


You can give an answer of the total percentage of users that are new to the app by merging the organic acquisition with paid acquisition. By getting an answer of this question, you can know that whether the growth is too slow or not.


In any case, if don’t get new users and the application is not that huge, it’s high time to

give attention on ASO to boost acquisition spend. Similarly, a high percentage of first-time users can show that you are shaping off more, which you can chew. You can also afford to cut back on paid acquisition.


Time in App


Total time in the application helps you to track how long a user was in your app over a period. For instance, if any user was in my application for three of the last 24 hours. It is another important metric that can be used to identify how often your app is being used and it is an indicator of how valuable your app is to users.

Like session length and interval, the engagement metric measures behavior over the total time to deliver you a complete view of user patterns, enabling them to know how often users are engaging with your application.

If some of the sections of your users are constantly opening your app for a long period, it is important to dig into why. You can make use of information like this to start personalization initiatives to increase usage and further engagement.


So, these are the top 5 mobile app analytics stats that matter a lot for the success of your application. Track these stats and know whether your app is performing well or not. Moreover, these metrics can help you to encourage progress, namely like what you can do with your application to enhance conversions and revenue of it.

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