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Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Data Entry

If you find yourself suffering from indecision on whether to outsource data entry for your company, this article will provide you with key points and facts to guide you to the correct direction.

First, we cover the basics by clearly defining what data entry is. (Information Credit –

  • There are a number of different types of professions, which together make up the broad category of “data entry”. Professions like those of- coders, word processors, electronic data processors, typists, and clerks comprise the “data entry” genre of the company.
  • To give a rough estimation of the broad definition, data entry, technically, is the process of inputting data into a company’s system. The data is entered manually through a keyboard or by document process automation. The data ranges from numeric to alphabetic or even symbolic. These may include transcriptions of written documents and digital data. Data entry is about transcribing the data into forms recognizable by machines.

Now, why you should outsource your data entry processing.

  • Every company has a different log-keeping system. It ranges from texts to spreadsheets and even phone numbers and addresses. The amount of data to be transcribed from a million of such logs can indeed be an insurmountable task. This will cost an unnecessary involvement of manpower and resources. This can well throw your company off the path to meet its financial goals.
  • The most cost and time effective way to avoid such an outcome is by outsourcing it. Personnel will be freed up from the tedious data entry tasks that get neglected anyway due to priorities on other projects.
  • A big change in savings is the first thing you will notice, not just because of the saved time, but because of the savings on expenditure on recruitment, training, hardware/software installations and maintenance.

Depending on the firm you choose to outsource data entry, you will be able to enjoy a few benefits provided by the firm. Some of them are listed below:

  • Complete backup and recovery options
  • Data verification and zero-bug accuracy
  • Built-in data security
  • Guaranteed privacy and confidentiality of data
  • Consistent, time – & cost efficient delivery
  • 24/7 Customer support

To further help you choose the correct data entry firm for you, here are a couple of well-researched pointers:

  • Bigger doesn’t always mean better

You will find big companies going for big, well-established outsourcing firms to avail of their services. While most of them are good, there are plenty of examples of how companies become complacent due to increased traffic. They tend to inflate their charges because of the demand for their work. To avoid this, a thorough research of all the available options should be done. Most often, there will be small data processing firms whose services will be available for much lower prices and better security.

  • Link over cultural barriers

Most often, the data processing firms are located off-shore in some low-cost destination. These foreign lands have workers of their indigenous descent working through your data and keeping it safe. Learning some key factors and traditions of the local people will help bridge the cultural differences. This will enable you to build a healthy relationship which will last a long time. It may also help you broker attractive deals.

  • Close monitoring and ground level engagement

Outsourcing your work does not mean the work is complete at your side. Without your supervision and monitoring, the data might even get corrupted due to negligence. Although this actually is a very rare occurrence, this still is a threat to your company’s privacy. You should never hesitate to ask questions and get your queries cleared regarding the work done. Meeting the person in charge personally also keeps both the parties in assurance.

To draw a concise conclusion to this article:

Data entry outsourcing is all about being more precise and organised. Your company needs the entire boost it can get to reach the expected ranks. Once the company is settled enough, you can consider your options regarding outsourcing. Till then, abiding by the terrible cliché “time is money”, outsource your data; save time; save money.