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The Key To Happiness When Living Alone

The key goal in life is to be happy as much of the time as possible. This sounds an easy task but it can be extremely difficult to achieve, especially when you live alone. You will need to uncover your self-love and the energy along with the motivation to carry out actin tt enable you to achieve happiness. If you do not you could spiral into depression which will have a major impact on your life and health.

In this article I will talk about the top five habits you will need to adopt to survive and flourish when you are living alone.

#1: Find Your Passion

One of the keys to being happy is finding your passion in life. Some people are lucky and know from a young age the things they are most passionate about. For others, it can take a long time and without taking action you may never discover it. If you are alone there is no better time to try lots of new activities to find your passions.

#2: Starting Fresh

There are many reasons why we live alone such as a relationship break up. This can be a very difficult time which adds to the difficulty of living alone. It is important in these time that you keep positive which is why you need to look forward. Look at it at starting fresh again and make improvements to your life learning from the mistakes of the past. Do the things that you have put off and throw yourself into a new adventure.

#3: Self-Love

If you do not love yourself you will make it difficult for others to love you. It is the key to happiness and a skill that you must develop. By relying on other people to give you love instead of loving yourself can be very damaging. If you are going to be living alone it is an art form that you will need to adapt to so that you are able to deal with all the time by yourself.

#4: Lifestyle Choices

How you feel is directly connected to your diet and physical health. The better foods you eat along with more exercise you do will make you feel happier. Fill the time that you have alone in by doing something active to get your heart rate up and to give you a boost of dopamine to make you feel great. By eating the right foods it will give you more energy and stop you from feeling tired all the time.

#5: Keep On Learning

One of the hardest things about living alone is the boredom as life is not as exciting when you do not have anyone to share it with. To combat this the best thing to do is to learn something new to better yourself and fill in the downtime. You could learn another language, to juggle or anything that you want and may end up finding a new passion which will maximise your happiness.


You will not have to let fear get in the way to lead a happy life. By stepping out of your comfort zone will help you achieve things you did not believe was possible and will help you grow as a person along with achieving happiness. The best things in life are not easily obtainable which is why you will need to find the motivation and determination to live a happy life.