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Steps To Be Followed While Car Sharing

Car sharing is practiced both by using cab sharing or carpool where the owner drives.

First, considering Cab Sharing. To ensure the smooth and convenient cab sharing these aspects should be verified prior to the commencement of the sharing.

Company Safety Norms
This is one of the high priority aspects that must be understood before committing to sharing. Policies of the cab company regarding accidents, car malfunctioning should be checked. The code of conduct for the driver must be observed and emergency helpline number should be available.

Details of Passengers
Before agreeing for cab sharing details on the number of passengers and background of passengers along with their contact details should be obtained from the cab company. However, you should not furnish your address before finalizing the agreement.

Drop Location
It must be determined beforehand the location where the cab would pick/drop you. It could be exactly at your residence, or a point on the nearest main road.

Order of Drop
The order of pickup and drop should be pre-determined and in logical sense so that the time of the other passengers is not wasted because of going around to-and-forth.

Check the Discount
This is the second most important objective of car sharing after traffic and pollution control. The car sharing discount should be obtained from the company.

Now, analyzing carpool as an option of sharing. The following aspects should be considered before agreeing into a carpool agreement.

Meet at a Public Place
This is the initial step to join a carpool agreement. Check the identification documents of your co-traveler and legal driving documents. Decide on terms such as waiting time, fuel expense split, canceling the carpool for a day etc.

Secure the Information
The contact information of your co-passenger and your travel route should be shared with your family or close friends.

Set up Rules
An agreement set with some rules has good longevity. Rules such as lift confirmation, car ethics, calculation of fuel costs etc. should be decided beforehand so that there is no conflict in future.

Being Expressive
In case you face any problem in the carpool feel free to discuss with your co-traveler. Try to sought-out situations by adjusting for one another. In case issues are not solved don’t insist your partner to continue with the carpool and let him/her leave freely.

Ensure Safety
Always ensure the insurance papers with the car and keep an emergency contact handy.