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Skin Care Treatment Types to Revitalize Your Skin

Like your brain, stomach, and heart, skin is also an organ. In fact, skin is the human body’s largest organ, but still there are many people who take it for granted. Unless a problem is diagnosed, you might not pay attention to the skin. But, keep in mind that skin has a very significant role to play in the overall personality and health of a person. Your skin protects you by keeping many infections out of the body that can create sickness. There are different types of skin care treatment plans that you can follow to keep your skin healthy and lively.
Here are a few highly effective skin care treatments in Fremont, CA that you can acquire from a certified skin care specialist.

1. Chemical Peels
Also known as Derma-peeling and chemexfoliation, chemical peels is a cosmetic treatment that is performed on the face. If you are looking for an anti-aging treatment for your skin, you can consider chemical peels to rejuvenate your skin. This treatment is used to improve the irregularities of the skin in texture, like fine lines and the color, like the spots that are caused by the sun damage. This treatment uses three major acid ingredients: trichloroacetic acid (TCA), alphahydroxy acid (AHA), and phenol.

2. Microdermabrasion
People who have acne scars and age spots can consider this skin care treatment. This is a very effective wrinkle treatment procedure as it is carried out quickly in the facial aesthetic offices. In this procedure, the physician will use handheld equipment to spray the small crystals on the skin’s surface. These crystals will exfoliate skin layers by using the suction all together for removing the dead skin cells.

3. Laser Skin Rejuvenation
It is an advanced treatment plan for removing wrinkles. This method makes use of the infrared light that tightens the skin and that too without any surgery. The infrared light produces heat to the layers beneath the surface of the skin that stimulates the production of collagen, making the skin look tighter. This is a treatment that is considered as a good alternate to the conventional face lift by many patients because it does not need a scalpel, downtime, and anesthesia.

4. Laser Resurfacing
In this treatment plan, the skin’s damaged outer layer is removed. This procedure encourages the new skin cells and collagen production in the skin’s underlying layers. This method is also now widely in use for removing or reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the neck and face.

5. Thermage
To improve the neck’s and face’s contours, the skin care specialists use Thermage that is an effective, non-exfoliating facial rejuvenation method. The aesthetic improvement through this technique is achieved with the use of a radio frequency device passed over the face, with its tip in contact with the surface of the skin. The radio waves through this device heats the skin’s deeper layers that stimulate the development of new collagen. As a result, smoother and tighter skin is achieved. The benefits of this treatment are not only immediate, but also long lasting.

6. Acne Blue Light Therapy
Acne blue light therapy is also one of the common skin care treatments in Milpitas, CA and different parts of the state, including Fremont. This technique targets the bacteria that become the cause of acne. It’s a light-based therapy that can treat moderate acne. This is a treatment without any side effects and also don’t cause skin damage.

If you have issues with your skin, then you can consider any of the above treatment plans. You are always advised to consult with a skin care specialist to choose the most appropriate and safe treatment according to your skin type and condition.