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Pros And Cons of Data Wipe From Your Computer

Datawipe is a very crucial activity; one must know that this has to be done only if you are reselling the computer or throwing it for recycling. Data wipe for computer has to be done irrespesective of the quality of the data. At times people think that the data if your computer is not that important for you to actually replace it.

Before reselling or buying anything one must know that wiping these records is an important activity, buy used mobile phones only if you know that it doesn’t hold any previous data in it.

When do you have to wipe your computer?

  • When you are reselling the device.
  • When you want to throw your device for recycling.
  • To store new stuff instead of the old one( memory is full )
  • Pass on the device to someone else ( a close family member/ friend)
  • Fear of theft of important information is very crucial.

Following are the pros and cons of the data wipe.

Pros –

  1. One must know that one can misuse, even if the data doesn’t include any important or confidential files data has to be wiped. One can misuse their data and manipulate the data if you do not wipe it, but you can be safe from this threat if you wipe the data.
  2. Reuse the space, at times when your device’s memory is full you can just simply wipe the data of the hard drive or your computer and make proper utilization of the space. This will help you to save on the money of buying a new device to store the data.
  3. Recycling/ reselling can be dangerous if the records are not wiped, do you know handling over your even basic records can be dangerous? A normal computer has some of your email passwords and personal identity information stored in the computer, so if you do not have the device completely formatted and wipes the data than it can be really dangerous for your computer.

Cons –

  1. Loss of important data, when you wipe the computer do it at once, not everyone has the time to scan the complete storage and pick up the important ones and delete the unwanted ones. So with this one shot wipe you can lose important data as well.
  2. Restored, the chances of someone retrieving your data are high, so only datawipe will not help you to get rid of the fear of misuse of the information. The person who will be getting your device after this wipe can easily follow some steps and procedures and retrieve the entire data. So only wiping the data is not a good idea.
  3. Expert’s help, when we plan to datawipe our computer we forget that we are not experts and taking an expert help only is the key solution to the whole problem. They can help you wipe the entire records without the fear of misuse of the data or retrieving it. So one has to make sure that they go only to an expert to get it done.

The Author of this article has completed its Bachelors in engineering and is an expert of data wipe for computer . He is now perusing his masters in the same field and has a good amount of experience and has coached about how to buy used mobile phones with complete security.

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