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Planning an Analytics Education

Education and career prospects are always discussed together or at least most of the times. One specific reason behind this is the everlasting tug of war between demand and supply of employees. Sometimes the ends meet and some other time they do not. Trends are set basically depending on this phenomenon.  Currently Analytics is shaping the dynamics of industries around the world and with well planned analytics training it is most likely that you will be in demand.

When we say well planned training it is just not for the sake of saying, it is actually a very important part of the whole idea. Let us see if we can draw some conclusions and ask some questions about the planning. Let us break it into two very simple parts –

Selecting an excellent analytics course and selecting an institute.

You do not want to invest your time and money in a wrong place.

Study the industry trends – ask the people who have been in the analytics industry for a while. You do not want to invest yourself in a tool that is losing relevance. On the contrary you should try to find out tools that have an assured future.

Since the trends are more likely transient you need to keep yourself ready to learn more.

  • Hadoop skills have been considered to be assured gateway into the data analytics industry. The main problem that enterprises face with Hadoop is a lack of people who are skilled. Hadoop tools are very much in use in America and the Indian subcontinent. So, Hadoop training Should highlight your list of analytics courses.
  • Python and R are two tools that can be really helpful. People often think that these two are complementary software. R is specifically used for data science oriented services. Python however has found more popularity among the common users. Python is open source and easy to get started with.
  • SAS should also be there in your list. It has been a favourite for a lot of people during a long period when the communication systems were not so upgraded. The problem with SAS is that it is expensive. Not all small and mid-sized businesses can dream of implementing SAS.
  • Apache Spark has taken the data crunching experience to a different mode. As it is now used as a complementary tool for Hadoop, it is important that you consider learning Spark.
  • Having a workable knowledge of the analytical prospects of MS Excel can also be crucial for you in acquiring a strong position in the industry.

You must optimize your skill set depending upon the job you are doing and you must choose the institute or course depending on the skill set you want to acquire.

Always go for an institute that provides you with multiple options from which you can choose according to your requirements. Then there are some analytics institutes like AnalytixLabs which will even help you determine the best course for you depending upon your experience and goals. Shuffle through the many analytics courses that are offered and you will find the best suit for sure.

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