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Man of Destiny

The epoch-making scale of the BJP’s victory in Uttar Pradesh has reinforced the notion that the Modi Era has trampled all obstacles underfoot. For the BJP, whatever Prime Minister Narendra Modi touches today seems to turn to gold, like that of a modern-day Midas. But is it only the mesmerising charm of one of India’s finest political orators that has shaped the Modi Era? Surely Indian democracy is far too complex and mature for oratorical skills alone to deliver electoral victories of the kind witnessed on Saturday in UP and Uttarakhand, which together account for 85 seats in the Lok Sabha. That Modi has successfully replicated his 2014 victory in these States and also brought his party to the brink of power in a small State like Manipur on the border with Myanmar is a tribute to the enormity of the Prime Minister’s credibility with the people. Indians cutting across caste and class, region and belief have reposed faith in a man they believe is India’s Man of Destiny, one who will lead the country to a Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity.

Mr Modi’s acute sense of politics and his deep-rooted understanding of India’s aspirations have led to such credibility with the masses. As of now, Modi can do no wrong and he can be trusted to do the right thing at the right time. That the BJP won a three-fourths majority in the UP State Assembly without naming a Chief Ministerial candidate demonstrates the level of faith people have come to repose in him. His own humble origins and experience of poverty as a youngster sensitised him to the sufferings of the poor and has enabled him to orient his Government’s policies to benefit the underprivileged. He is a crusader against corruption who has convincingly demonstrated that the country’s resources will not be allowed to be pocketed by unscrupulous politicians in cahoots with crony capitalists.

Many leaders in the past had unveiled attractive schemes to help the underprivileged. But despite the vast sums spent, the standard of living of the poor remained where it always was. Mr Modi carries conviction because the people relate to him when he empathises with their poverty. This deep-rooted empathy is combined with a superb sense of political organisation, crafted primarily by his principal associate, BJP president Amit Shah. Together they have transformed the BJP into a party that feels for and speaks for the vast majority of 130 crore Indians. Mr Modi has struck a fine balance between a macro vision of an India surging into the ranks of the world’s major economies and micro planning aimed at transforming rural India. By sealing leakages of the fraudulent Socialist era which benefited only contractors and middlemen, Mr Modi has held out the promise of a corruption-free affluent India.

Never in India’s post-Independence history of nearly 70 years has so much been done in so little time. The people have recognised this gigantic effort and reposed faith in Narendra Modi’s leadership. India feels in safe hands today, in the hands of a person who is poised to lead the country to dizzying heights of prosperity with social equity in the years to come.

Chandan Mitra is the Editor and Managing Director of The Pioneer. He is also a Rajya Sabha member. For more information visit :