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Macron moves in the Élysée Palace on shoulders of migrants and jihadists

1 It seems that in France all European Liberals have decided to offer a battle to the triumphant Rights seeing that crowds of naturalized migrants have been thrown into the battle to support ‘Francois Hollande 2.0’ (Emmanuel Macron) as their new hope. In recent months, the country’s authorities have implemented liberalization of their migration policy at alarming rate and on such great scale as it takes to make that happen without legislative changes. At the same time, the Atlanticists from other EU countries are expelling from their territory so-called ‘refugees’, moving them to the French embassies. According to the figures from the Directorate-General for Foreign Nationals in France, in the first quarter of 2017 alone, the number of immigrants, who acquired citizenship of France, rose by 37.9 per cent, compared with the same period of the last year!


It must be pointed out that, at the instigation of allied countries, migrant flows and variety of their geographic routes have enlarged greatly. For instance, now among French newest citizens, besides those people who usually come from Algeria, Morocco and Tunis, there are the Bengalis and Hindoos practically in equal proportion to others, although historically they have focused on British citizenship. Furthermore, there is the re-routing of Turkish and Syrian migrants’ flows from Germany to France.

A dramatic increase in the number of persons, who had obtained citizenship of the French Republic, was made possible by simplified naturalization procedures. And French embassies, located in EU countries, reacted immediately to this phenomenon. But such changes only reinforced the need of proper vetting for immigrants as facilitated naturalization reduces the quality of collection and processing of information on future citizens, which is made by the police and security services. It is particularly remarkable that even today citizens, controlled by security agencies and qualified as ‘Islamic radicals’ in their reports (Security Watch List or List ‘S’), become intellectual and material authors of terrorist acts.


For example, on March 18, 2017, a French citizen Ziyed Ben Belgacem, who had been under police surveillance, committed a terrorist act at Paris’ Orly Airport ‘in order to die for Allah’.

On March 23, 2017, in Antwerp, Belgian police detained a French national Mohamed R., born in 1977. He tried to carry out a terrorist act with the help of his car. Weapons and an unidentified canister of liquid were found in the boot of the car with French plates. According to law enforcement officers, Mohamed had also been controlled by security services.

On February 13, 2017, in the city of Montpellier, 20-year-old Thomas S. and a girl of 16 Zara Z. noted on the List ‘S’ after her attempt to leave France to fight in Syria, were arrested by the law enforcement. The other detained man named Malik was aged 33; he was their mentor who kept in contact with ISIS coordinators. They ‘were planned to carry out an attack on the Eiffel Tower’, and then Zara as the widow of ‘one who would go down in history’ was going to leave for Syria with fake Syrian documents and take jihadists’ side. Lucky circumstance helped to prevent a suicide attack by Thomas. The young people completely engineered the terrorist act; however, they decided to get fake documents with the help of Malik, the author of Internet Islamic propaganda videos, who at that moment had been monitored by security services.

In addition to all the above-mentioned, during three months before the terrorist attack, many people got detained in France, but their names are not reported as the investigation requires it.

On February 10, 2017, in Clermont-Ferrand, three men aged between 20 and 33 years old, as well as, a girl of 16 were arrested on suspicion of organizing a terrorist act. Materials that could be used for making home-made explosives were found by the police during their house-check.

On February 21, 2017, in Marseille the French internal security force officers arrested three men suspected of planning a terror attack. In the apartment of one of the suspects police de-miners recovered and defused an explosive device.

On February 28, 2017, three teenage girls and an 18-year-old woman were arrested as suspects in terrorist attack plots. The latter, being a high school student, was detained in Creil. All of them were in communications with French Islamic State recruiter Rachid Kassim who was involved in a number of terrorist acts and a murder of a priest in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray.

Apart from direct detention of persons, suspected of terrorism, information on cases of bomb disposal rarely appears in the French media, at least until police pick up the trail of suspects. Officials and law enforcement prefer to keep quiet about the majority of ‘unidentified’ bombs. On September 6, 2016, anti-terror police detained three French women who tried to blow up a Peugeot 607 packed with gas cylinders and canisters of diesel fuel, near the Notre Dame Cathedral. But the information on the preventing of this terrorist act was confirmed only on September 9, 2016, and thanks to the insistence of journalists. It is worth noting that the attempt to cause an explosion failed by pure chance. The matter is that the terrorists got frightened and fled when they saw a man they believed to be a police officer out of uniform. And it invited people’s attention to the car. By the way, one of the terrorists, Ornella Gilligmann, had been entered by that moment into the database of persons, known to police for their links to Islamic radicals.

Obviously, faced with such extremely soft French migration policy for persons, involved in committing acts of terrorism, the current Fifth Republic and the whole Europe have become not only a target, but also a home base for terrorist organizations.

On January 1, 2017, a French national Abdulkadir Masharipov, who had received military training at ISIS camp in Afghanistan, after a failed attempt to blow himself up on Istanbul’s Taksim Square, carried out a terrorist attack on the Reina nightclub in Turkey. 39 people died in this attack with 69 wounded. There were citizens of France, too. One of them turned out to be among the victims, and the other three were injured.

What is certain is that rather quiet and secure existence of terrorist networks on the territory of France has been encouraged by local authorities for more than one decade. As early as in 1972, the State did not fear to provide protection and the capital’s location for such organizers of a terrorist attack during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich as Basil al-Kubaisi, Mahmoud Hamshari and Mohamed Boudia from the Palestinian terrorist group Black September. Today, Euro-optimists again ignore the historical and current experiences, implementing a program for ‘receiving all people in need’ with the aim to ensure a guaranteed victory for Macron as the next president of France.

And it is organized in recognition of the fact that measures of the year 2014 aimed at socialization of unreliable citizens have turned out to be ineffective. French authorities’ attempts to de-radicalize jihadists ended in a total fiasco: 40 million euros got wasted. According to official reports, for a period of 6 months 13 specialized centers, built for the de-radicalization and reintegration of jihadists in France, hosted several hundred of those 10 thousand people, who had come to the attention of the country’s security services because of their radical views. However, during recent inspections it was found that, in fact, very few of them came through the de-radicalization program. For instance, when Senators Esther Benbassa and Catherine Troendle visited Pontourny, they found only one re-educated resident there. Their research into the effectiveness of this program and the professionals involved in the process has led the Senators to the unfortunate conclusion, which brings discredit to the correctional-educational program in general.

First, note the fact that the center’s personnel are treating their re-educated residents like criminals. And it motives them to break out, which becomes an important prerequisite for even greater radicalization of the past residents of the center.

Secondly, these centers are turning into ‘jihadist academies’ just when Islamic radicals’ propagandists get there.

Thirdly, there are serious doubts about the personnel’s attitudes to re-educated people, strongly convinced of their political and religious views, like to individuals with their mentality severely dented.

Fourthly, private organizations’ financing, provided in accordance with the de-radicalization program, contributes to the raise of corruption in France. The resources allocated from the French budget are misspent, and their audit reports are cooked due to the inability of continuous monitoring of such private activities by the authorities. A prime example of that is ‘The Prevention and Family House’ of Sonia Imloul, the person against whom criminal proceedings have been instituted on charges of embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds and subsidies.

It has been shown in practice that Premier M. Valls’ saving program, strongly supported by France’s former economy minister Macron, just failed miserably, along with attempts to segregate Islamic radicals. By contrast, the project for France’s ‘receiving all people in need’ works perfectly, which successfully raises Macron’s approval rating thanks to a rapid rise in the number of French migrants. Based on existing statistics, over 70% of persons who gained the French citizenship in the past four months will be added to the List ‘S’ in the near future. Almost 5 per cent of them are those whose naturalization has been suspended previously due to alleged links with organizers of high-profile acts of terror. Now they are also citizens of France. As the result, strengthening the pan-European borders and enhancing security within European countries that some candidates profess to support remain just vague promises, at least until the victory of Sovereign Europe’s supporters in key countries, whereas transforming so-called ‘The Heart of Europe’ into ‘The Heart of Jihad’ is quite real in the foreseeable future.

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