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There has been an increasing phenomenon among users where they fail to understand the difference between VPS hosting and cloud hosting. Though both the hosting solutions are related to virtual hosting, these solutions are not the same. In fact, many service providers (especially the ones in the sales team for the sake of meeting sales target) are also calling VPS as a cloud solution and thereby selling affordable Virtual Private Server as a cloud hosting solution.

Though the difference seems slim at the first look, making the right choice can make a significant difference to businesses upon correct adoption. Forbes has forecasted that private cloud hosting and computing are going to be significant areas of computing in the near future. This means that it is very important for business owners and managers to understand the difference between private cloud hosting solutions and VPS hosting in India or abroad. Once you understand the cloud and know the differences with VPS, it becomes easier for you to know more clearly about managed cloud servers.

Differences between Private Clouds and VPS Hosting

The differences between private cloud solution and VPS servers are listed below –

  • Set-up of the server

VPS – A VPS or virtual private server involves a single physical machine server, where virtual splitting software is used for creating multiple virtual servers within that machine server. Each of these virtualized servers is allocated to different users, though all those users have their hosting accounts on the same server.  It seems quite similar to shared hosting but it is not because of the simple fact that the machine server is shared by multiple VPS users. Each of the VPS thus created by the virtualization software creates different VPSs. There are limited numbers of VPSs in the machine server and each of them has dedicated users where they only share the hardware. Every one of them gets daily usage limits of each of the server resources. This means that even if there is a surge in the usage of one user of one VPS, another usage pattern will not get adversely affected, as happens in case of shared servers.

Private Managed Cloud Servers – It must be clear to you that when you choose a private cloud solution, you are essentially choosing distributed resources not in a single physical machine server but that of multiple hosting physical servers. In case there is any mishap in one of the networked servers of the cloud, redundancy allows easy transition because the other nodes fill up the gap because of the affected server. Though it seems that the resource you are using as a single entity but actually it is being provided to you through the interaction between multiple interconnected server systems.

  • Scalability

When cloud control panels are built, they are done so by keeping in mind quick provisioning as well as deployment aspect in mind. In fact, you can get any resource virtually in a cloud system by clicking a few clicks in the administrative panel. When it comes to VPS, it requires manual maneuvering for making an upgrade.

These are the two main differences that can be pointed out between managed cloud servers and VPS hosting in India.

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