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Learn How to Choose the Right Commercial Space for Your Marijuana Grow House in California

The legalization of marijuana in California has sparked an economic frenzy for the marijuana industry. High-quality marijuana is now a hot commodity in the state. For dispensaries to be able to provide their clientele with a great variety of marijuana options, they need to have access to a plethora of cultivators readily available to them.

If you are knowledgeable about growing marijuana and you want to be able to open up a business, cultivating it, you need to take the time to choose the right commercial Orange County space for you.

Consider the Location

You want to be sure to choose a space that is not located too far from your home. You want to be sure that you can easily get to the building when needed. You also want to be sure that it is located within the guidelines of the law in regard to schools, daycares, or parks where children frequent. While the state accepts the cultivation, sale and use of marijuana, they still don’t want children to have easy access to it.

Consider the Size

If you plan to have a steady operation, you need to have plenty of space available to you. It’s important to note that you will constantly have plants at different stages of growth throughout the space. They need to be divided based on their maturity levels and having ample space to place them is essential. You will also have the plants growing in lots pots, so you want to be sure that you still have space to walk around the plants and the pots as you cultivate the cannabis.

Consider the Ceiling Height

When you grow marijuana, you need to have grow lights secured to the ceiling. The lower the ceiling height is, the closer the lights will be to the plants. If you choose a space that has high ceilings, the lights will have to be hung from the ceiling and this can be a hassle to try to do.

Consider the Electrical Capabilities

Older buildings often have outdated wiring in them that could catch fire when you use the massive amount of energy that it takes to power the grow lights. You want to be sure that the building you choose is designed to be able to hold up to the massive amounts of power that you need to use. You should have an electrician come to the property that you are considering to do an inspection to let you know if it will suit your needs before signing a lease. You also may want to talk to the electric company to find out what your electric bill would roughly be for the space to ensure that you can afford to power it the way that you need to.

Consider the Security of the Building

You need to be sure that the building can be kept secure at all times. Talk to the leasing company about installing a security system in the building before you sign the lease. You need to be sure that you can put alarms on all of the windows and doors and that you are allowed to install security cameras inside and outside of the building. Be sure that the security system you choose allows you to watch the footage of the cameras remotely so that you can easily see if anything happens in or around the building when you are not there. This can give you peace of mind and ensure your inventory is safe at all times.

Consider If You Want to Have an On-Site Dispensary

There are many cultivators who choose to have a dispensary at the front of their business where people can come and buy their marijuana directly from the cultivator. This cuts out the middle man and allows you to make more cash directly. There are guidelines and regulations regarding having a dispensary and a grow house within the same building though. Commonly the dispensary has to be separated from the grow house by a wall. If you plan to open a dispensary as well, you may want to consider leasing a piece of commercial real estate that has two separate spaces available for you to use.

Consider the Entrances

You need to be sure that the building you choose has a front entrance and a rear entrance. This allows you to bring things in and out of the building without being in the public eye. If people see when you are loading and unloading product from the store, it could create a dangerous situation for you. By having a rear entrance to the building, you can load inventory discreetly to reduce the chances of someone taking your inventory in the process.

Consider the Cost

Be sure to choose a building that is affordably priced. You don’t want to have to go into any more debt than absolutely necessary when you are first starting a business. You need to be sure to choose a space that you can afford to pay for over the next few months until business starts to pick up. It can take months or even years before a business starts to turn over a profit.

Don’t rush the process when choosing a space to use for your grow house. If you find a space that meets all of the conditions listed above, consider signing the lease agreement. Be sure that the agreement is only for two to five years, so that if you aren’t happy with the space you can leave when your lease is up and not be locked into staying in it for a decade or more. It’s also a good idea to have an attorney look over any lease agreement before you sign it to make sure that everything listed in it is legal and that there aren’t any issues you are overlooking.