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Know how to save your precious pictures, videos, chats on Whatsapp

What is social media? All those collections of online communication channels which are involved in content sharing and collaboration are social media. We have so many examples of social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Whatsapp, and many other websites. Though Facebook is the biggest social media platform Whatsapp is also no less than Facebook. People are more on these social platforms for communication purpose and even businesses are switching digitally. For businesses, it is a new method to reach more people through a single platform. People can even share their ideas and thoughts, their life experience on these social media websites.

If we talk about Whatsapp it is free to download messenger app for smartphones. Whatsapp is one of the biggest messaging apps and around billions of people use it all over the world. It is secured and easy to use. You just need a phone number to create an account on Whatsapp. You get so many features like you can see the last seen of your contacts; you can post stories like pictures or written text. Whatsapp to text is so fun with so many emoticons and sticker packs. You have so many good features that you cannot resist yourself from using this wonderful app.

You have also an option of reading receipts which you can turn on and blue tick on the Whatsapp chat log ensures that the person has read your messages. You can turn it off at any time if you do not want the user to know that you have seen their messages. Even with the WhatsApp group, you can see who has read your messages by selecting the message through a long press and then clicking on the “info” option. When you are chatting with someone you will see a “typing” appearing on the chat box. This ensures that the user is typing to reply to your text. This is really helpful, especially in group chat.

You have also an option of “show media in the gallery”. Through this option you can choose whether you want to see the media in your gallery or you want to save the storage space then you can just turn off the option. If we talk about the privacy policy then your Whatsapp conversation is secured with the end-to-end encryption option. This means only the sender and the particular recipient can read the messages and no third party. With so many options how someone can keep him/her away from using Whatsapp. You can also backup your data on daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis if in case your data gets deleted you can retrieve it. You can set your Whatsapp on the automatic backup option and your data will backup over Wi-Fi or cellular data. In this way, you can keep your precious messages forever.

For backing up data, you only need your Google account. With Whatsapp book messenger you can communicate, share pictures and videos with your friends.  You can retrieve your data back even if your phone gets lost. You can even send videos and audio recordings and voice messages. It is also possible to retrieve your deleted pictures from your device. Even with a new feature which Whatsapp launched a few months back, you can delete the sent message. This means if you send any message by mistake before the user reads it you can “delete it for everyone”. The recipient will not be able to read that message.

When you accidentally delete message chat or media you can restore it. You just have to uninstall and re-install your Whatsapp book messenger. In this way when you last backed-up your data you will retrieve all your deleted messages and media. Whatsapp serves billions of people and is still serving. Users get irritated when their pictures, videos or chats get accidentally deleted and users cry out to get the data back. Except for the backup option, we have also discussed other methods which can restore your lost data.

Even when you want to save some important messages you can star mark the message. You do not need to scroll the whole Whatsapp conversation, you can simply go to starred messages and you will find all your important messages over there. When you have so many good options within one app then how you can keep yourself away from this application software. There are more features which will push you towards using this wonderful app.