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Influencer Marketing and Why It Is A Brand’s Most Powerful Tool

Of late, an increasing number of brands have been allotting a considerable amount of their time and money on market influencers. Recent studies show that almost 63% of marketers have upped their budget to get an influencer on board.

This increase in budget is proof that brands know and understand the value of influencer marketing and how they can use it to magnify their performance in the marketplace.

But how does influencer marketing actually help a brand? With the gigantic following that most influencers have, the very evident benefit is that they’ll help the brand reach a wider range of audience.

Apart from this, there are various other reasons as to why influencers have become the most sought after asset in a business’s arsenal for a brand and its image.

In this piece, we’ll discuss why influencer marketing has garnered such authority when it comes to a brand!

Influencers reign in a target audience

Influencers successfully engage their followers by showing them their most genuine and true side. They tend to express themselves by way of sharing true incidents and stories coupled with engaging content that has the power of really holding the audience’s attention and inspire them very much.

According to a survey carried out by TapInfluence, 71.2% of influencers feel that their ingenuity, total honesty and sense of humour is what keeps their followers hooked.

Perhaps, this is the reason why influencers are great at creating content that’s genuine about the brands that they promote. The TapInfluence survey also discovered that the biggest advantage of influencer marketing is that it helps convey a rather genuine and authentic story revolving around the brand to their followers. A whopping 89% of marketers in a Linqia study also harbour the same feeling regarding influencer marketing.

This ingenuity is what keeps the audience engage even if the content that the influencers are vouching for is promotional in nature. To add to this, an audience that comes engaged beforehand is much easier for a brand to pursue and woo and eventually convert them into paying customers.

They help enhance brand sentiment

Brands always try to win over customers and instigate a very positive brand image in their minds. So, it comes as no surprise that they get influencers on board to advance their brands in the marketplace as they can assist in establishing a rather positive brand sentiment in the minds of the customers.

As a brand, you’ll be able to augment your customer’s experience more efficiently if you splurge on influencers who actually believe in the product and what it stands for. This authentic positive sentiment that influencers have for a brand they’re promoting can assist in projecting brand personality in a positive light.

They help drive a higher return on investment

Another huge advantage of influencer marketing is the increased returns on your investment that you yield. Around 54% of the marketers in the Bloglovin study used influencer marketing to build their social media following and engagement. 53% of them use it to help drive more leads while almost 47% of these markets used it to direct more traffic to their websites.

Apart from this, the marketers felt that influencer marketing has helped them substantially to not only raise brand awareness on social platforms but also to reach out to a more targeted audience base.

Studies and surveys conducted reveal that influencer marketing results in higher returns with regards to earned media value. This is the total value garnered from factors like publicity, social sharing along with another type of organic digital media exposure.

When we ponder over the evidence and reviews conducted, it is clear to see that there are a number of reasons why and how brands are benefiting greatly from influencer marketing.

It comes as no surprise that influencer marketing is slowly becoming a brand’s most powerful arsenal in a marketplace and they can use it to get ahead of their competition.

Through, ingenuity, influencers assist brands in interacting with their target audience and deliver impressive returns in terms of earned media value.To give a traditional touch to influencer marketing, you can distribute promotional pens to make yourself unforgettable in the minds of the target audience.