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India on the path to be known as the nation of super minds

India has been driving and leading the world in growth from the 1st century to the 16th century. India was also popularly known as the golden bird. In terms of natural resources, great business opportunity and also great minds, India was the super power in every sector. During the reign of Chandragupta, India was said to have witnessed the golden age. Innovation was at peak in India and in almost every sector the contribution was made by the Indians. From Aryabhatta to Charak, from Shankracharya to Chanakya, India excelled in every field.

India’s rise made many countries run for their money. It was realised that it would be the best possible decision to invade India. Therefore, from the 15th century, India saw invasions from the mughals and later in the 18th century, the British invaded and ruled India. Invasions resulted in a huge amount of loots. India, who was known as the golden bird was left poor and illiterate with nothing, but sympathy towards Indians. After Independence, in 1947, India had many problems, out of which, education was one of the biggest one. Due to the increasing rate of illiteracy, the unemployment rate was touching the sky. The confidence level of the youth was shattered as they were made to believe that India is capable of nothing. Slowly and steadily India recognised her true potential in every aspect. The man power was there to rebuild the nation which was looted and left in poverty.

India was tagged with a stereotype of the nation of snake charmers. Things started to change and India not only made the name in the world, but also is on the course to be called as the nation with super minds. Indians realised and cherished their rich history that has made them stand up again and follow the education in the most serious way. The literacy rate is rising with an increase in population, which is a big achievement. India has the population of students having IQ score 120, greater that the population of the entire USA. India has the contribution in giving doctors and engineers at the highest level in the world. India will once again regain the status of the superpower. People have taken the education very seriously and at present basic graduation are considered to be the average affair. Most students prefer higher education that has made India intellectual and the country of great minds. MBA is in huge fashion these days. Various MBA colleges are there across the country. MBA colleges in Bangalore are one of the favourites among the youth. Bangalore is the city of the youth and offers an excellent education atmosphere. MBA institutes in Bangalore offer the best course, faculty and atmosphere that attracts youth from all over the country. Students are filled with enthusiasm to be the best and lead India to the superpower status. This has resulted in India being the fastest growing major economy in the world. It feels great to see the youth liking to enrol for higher studies.