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How to tag someone on pictureafter posting a picture


Facebook is a social media network platform on post your ads,photo, video and interact with known and unknown person,family, friend from Facebook account on network. Facebook apps use on large range device with connected on internet such as laptop,desktop computers , tablets, smartphones. If you have faced some problem of Facebook account to call our expert Facebook helpline number and to get the information of your problem.  

What is Tagging and how does it work.

When you tag anyone person, you create a link to that profile. The photo you tag the person may be added to that  person’s timeline. Suppose you can tag a post to shaw the post a status update and say who you are with in.

However you tag a post on your friend in your status update, someone  who sees that update post and select and click on your friend’s name from go to their profile. Your timeline friend’s may be show up your status update.

You can tag the picture from friends or someone else’s if the person on pages has permission to others to tag it.

Tag the photos or pages on people from Facebook.

More step to tag the photos and videos on Facebook.

  • Select the photo to extent it.
  • You can select the contact list.
  • To choose the friends to tag the picture.
  • You can tag the photo or pages  50 friends.
  • 50 friends above not allowed to tag the picture.
  • Click on the Done tagging option.

Tag the photo up to 50 people or pages because not allowed on 50 up people from Facebook.

Keep in mind when you tag someone in a picture, that person’s friends see, like post and comment on the photo. If you tag a post that was not uploaded on your device by a friend, the person who uploaded the picture  will need to complete the tag.

Who can See my photos and video Tagged in.

Your photo and videos you are tagged in are visible now.

  • All Facebook  people they are shared with.
  • The people Tagged in the photo
  • Friends that the people tagged and select to add the all Facebook Audience.

To regulate who can see photos and videos you are uploaded, change the audience and delete them. However Tagged in a photo or videos you don’t like, you can delete the Tag or tell him person to receive It under.

Remember, your picture and posts  hidden from your online are still visible to these people many different places on Facebook, such as News Feed and search. To see your posts or review Hidden from your timeline, go to your activity log.

Approve or Remove Tag

Someone can tag you in Picture and many different posts. Tags from person you are not Facebook friend may with see on your online review, where you can permission and you want to allow on your timeline. Keep in mind , posts you select not to allowed on timeline may be review  News feed and whereplace on Facebook.

  • You will receive a notification depend on your Facebook account setting.
  • You can select what notification you receive or not about tags from your settings.
  • Select the settings.
  • Click on the top of right Facebook page.
  • Select notifications option from the left side.
  • Click an edit and On Facebook Section.
  • Next to Tags, select what Facebook audience you want to receive notifications from.
  • Complete process of Remove and Approve Tags, Posts